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Renewable Energy Champions vs. Polluter-Backed Politicians


Renewable Energy Champions vs. Polluter-Backed Politicians

Mary Anne Hitt

Spring time means baseball season for so many—a nice evening out at the ballpark with a hot dog, peanuts and a cold beverage. We all love a home run, except when it’s against our team, of course. So we here at the Sierra Club decided to mix baseball and politics to make it clear just who’s playing on the polluters’ team and who’s on the side of clean air and clean water protections.


You are worried about clean air and water? While eating hot dogs? Have you no brain?


“After all, poll after poll shows that Americans from both red and blue states didn’t vote for dirty air, dirty water or dirty energy last November. Unfortunately, since then members of Congress have cast lots of votes that could threaten our air, water and climate—so we’re breaking down the box scores with this new report.”

Alas, honesty! And an honest frame! But what the media will say are things like:

  1. American are not ready to cut back on their use of fossil fuels, plastics, etc.
  2. That WE have learned nothing (as applied to “our” use of resources)
  3. That it would cost too much to shift infrastructure
  4. That America is undergoing an energy revolution that will make it less dependent upon M.E. oil–and therefore, weaned of (those) wars
  5. That Americans get what they voted for (and thus deserve their fate)

As to item #5, it doesn’t seem to matter to the tag team (in pushing the “Voters are to blame” meme) when those they vote for lie about their positions or betray their own constituents. Strange (as in authoritarian lock-step) loyalties show!


Be sure to sound oh, so glib as you shoot the messenger to make sure that an important message not make it past your hot dog remark. You’re like the guy in the audience who farts loudly just when the opera singer hits their most impressive note.