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Renewed Calls for More Surveillance Aren’t Based in Reality


Renewed Calls for More Surveillance Aren’t Based in Reality

Neema Singh Guliani

It should go without saying that fear mongering, misinformation, and xenophobia aren’t going to keep America safe. But that’s not stopping some politicians from seizing the Paris attacks to put forward surveillance proposals that would erode our liberties while doing nothing to protect the country.

They’re also not grounded in anything resembling reality.


It's worth visiting Democracynow.org to watch Amy Goodman's interview with Glenn Greenwald on this topic--yesterday.

Greenwald calls out Clapper and others within the Spy State for their glaring failures which are then projected onto those who blew whistles on this whole anti-Democratic, sickening surveillance debacle.

The wars started by this ilk just hemorrhage funds away from those incentives that would make the nation strong... as in genuine national security.

Their costly spy state apparatus is making no one safer, and is destroying the trust that allows a society to cohere... and then the bastards argue for more rights to trespass and more funds to do so.

Inverted Totalitarian "Democracy" this surely is.


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The 'once upon a time' fairy tale narrative of empire and the props with which these 'characters' enthrall billions is perfectly described in this backgrounder by these colleagues of their colleagues. Listen to the methodological descriptions and ask your self, 'Self, have I heard this somewhere before?
"They look good, just like extensions of their selves - they have all the props that anyone anywhere would want'.
If you look back you'll see things that were used before and brought back - to good effect'... you really have to look at all the things in the pawn shop


I've noticed that some posters are focusing their anger on the drone pilots. I think of them as the modern military's version of "The Prodigal Sons." They signed up--likely due to impassioned recruiters, financial promises, and misplaced patriotism pumped up like a hot air balloon after 911--and then discovered what it feels like to MURDER innocent people.

Now, in having found their way back to the Light of Humanity, they offer important insider views of the TRUTH about these operations. They are anything but "targeted" to "only the bad guys," or fitting the description that they are precise and don't kill mostly "collateral damage" style surplus (to the MIC's perspective) human beings.

The entity I hold most accountable is the military. Only in a New Sparta would the funding of video games as a means of deliberately luring children into the role of murderers be tolerated, no less a major strategic protocol!

These youngsters--mostly boys--have never yet learned love, learned to discover their own souls and individual sense of morality. Instead, the savagely competitive types who can so focus on the video game and show prowess in eliminating targets are groomed for the military's aerial version of "killing fields."

I plan to purchase a book I just learned about entitled, "The Pink Swaztika." The author has some troubling views about homosexuals; but placing that prejudice aside, he makes a compelling case--replete with documentation--to the idea of the male super soldier who only connects with other males in a total military culture.

This conscious and conscientious obliteration of the soft female--along with men who show softness (these homosexuals are the macho sort and apparently show disdain for the effeminate types)--conditions EMPATHY and feelings of connection entirely OUT of the war equation. And frankly, I see a derivative of this very thing in this focus on video games as precursor to drone warfare.

It is so sick that it was difficult for me to watch this (very important, as you properly identify) particular Democracy Now program.

Amy Goodman does a tremendous job giving voice to so many who otherwise would not have one. And I've been learning a lot from that show. The interviews are compelling and often terrific.


Thank you for sharing this. I do find it disturbing that Hollywood is now pushing images of the female warrior no doubt to lure girls into the military.

It does a society no justice when both genders are conditioned to show homage to Mars, god of war.

In "Zero Dark Thirty" there is a female protagonist who pushes a pro-torture position.

In "Hunger Games" a girl--forced by circumstance into those horrific games of survival--shows her expertise at killing.

Killing is meant to represent winning.

The opposite polarity is absolute powerlessness as if making one's self a willing sex slave to a male ("50 shades of Gray") is somehow sexy or an "ideal" that impressionable young women might seek to approximate.

Magic, symbols, invisible powers, the art of transformation... oracles, prophecy... I find these things fascinating; but as mentioned, when anything from Fairy Tales to modern tales exalt the female for being cruel, a keen killer, or evil... it just adds more fuel to the flames of Mars that are already burning and threatening the viability of life in this troubled sphere.


This Senator Tom Cotton is one dangerous person for America-

In a speech before the Heritage Foundation, Senator Cotton took the standard conservative critique on the dangers of dependency to the next level by saying that communities facing population decline and drug addiction should blame “corrosive” Social Security disability benefits for their problems.


Well done - I agree fully.