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"Reopen the Economy": the Republicans’ Nero Decree

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/08/reopen-economy-republicans-nero-decree


Ah, yes, profits over people. Two current examples-companies shipped needed PPE overseas from the US in March when We The People desperately needed them. Yeah, there’s some yapping in Congress but we all know nothing will be done to the perps. Second-Boeing is restarting the line for its 737Max, even though there are over 400 still in storage, and no one with a brain will buy one, since the Boeing corporate culture was shown in all its nastiness to the world.
Now, will Trump take Ivanka down to the bunker under Hole 2 at the Mar-a-Lago golf course and end it all with a Luger, once his glorious dream of a Trump global empire dies from a virus? Or will the virus get him first? Ah, so many choices of dystopia, it’s like a Harlan Ellison novel.


About that deficit thing… Everyone needs to understand the “Two Santas” concept.

"The Two Santa Claus Theory is a political theory and strategy published by Wanniski in 1976, which he promoted within the United States Republican Party.

According to Wanniski, the theory is simple. In 1976, he wrote that the Two-Santa Claus Theory suggests that “the Republicans should concentrate on tax-rate reduction. As they succeed in expanding incentives to produce, they will move the economy back to full employment and thereby reduce social pressures for public spending. Just as an increase in Government spending inevitably means taxes must be raised, a cut in tax rates—by expanding the private sector—will diminish the relative size of the public sector.” Wanniski suggested this position, as Thom Hartmann has clarified, so that the Democrats would “have to be anti-Santas by raising taxes, or anti-Santas by cutting spending. Either one would lose them elections.”"

There is plenty of information about it on the internets. If CD weren’t such a snowflake about urls, I could post a ton of them.


“UNIVERSAL ANTIBODIES TESTING NOW” should be the rallying cry for liberals and conservatives alike. Our demand should be publicly funded antibodies tests for every human on the planet (excepting uncontacted tribes in the Amazon and Africa).

Universal antibodies testing is the only effective scientific basis for a rational public response to the covid pandemic.

First of all, only persons with covid-19 antibodies in their bloodstreams should be permitted to perform essential jobs. Testing is required to identify such persons. Without publicly funded testing, we have no way of knowing if your local UberEats delivery cyclist is not spreading covid-19 all over town. Only persons with immunity to covid-19 should be permitted to serve as delivery people. Likewise for all essential jobs.

Second, governments have no logical basis for maintaining lockdowns against persons who are immune to covid-19 and pose no threat of transmitting covid-19 to others. Lockdowns against such persons are flagrant violations of their civil rights. To avoid civil rights violations, governments must allow anyone who wants a covid-19 antibodies test to be given a test, at public expense. Certification of antibodies in a person’s bloodstream should be license for that person to move about freely and assert his or her full range of civil liberties.

Third, the absence of antibodies in a person’s bloodstream would grant governments science-based authority to quarantine that person. While a person is quarantined – since quarantine is imposed for the public good – government should be required to provide generous subsidies to that person, so he or she can live comfortably and pay his or her bills during the quarantine.

Governments have two essential duties to their citizenries: keeping their citizens safe, and protecting their citizens’ civil liberties. Universal antibodies testing is the only logical means for governments to fulfill both of these essential duties.


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Excellent and accurate essay from Mike Lofgren covering much important ground.

"Republican policies - embraced by big orange - are not just mistaken, nor are they something about which reasonable people can differ – the GOP consciously advocates for them in bad faith, using arguments they know are false."

What Lofgren is saying is that the GOP and trump are conscious criminals, intentionally destroying norms of society for political purposes, as they enrich themselves and crony’s; milking the republic and people as they create no-win situations for critical reforms - even given that we have no real opposition party or leadership to effect such changes or defend the Common Good against the pre-meditated crimes rammed through via corrupted political processes, executive fiat, corrupted media, courts and complicit DINO players…

“southern Red State governors are making a big show of reopening businesses.- these governors aren’t just peckerwood yahoos who think that Jesus will protect them and their constituents from COVID-19. They know that if they open businesses, they can legally deny those workers who are too afraid to go back to work their unemployment compensation”

There is nothing so odious, obtuse or contemptible as a Republican, or as despicable and craven as a complicit DINO fraud, screwing us as they lie and betray as they piss down our backs telling us its raining!

A pox on both their rotten houses!


Your ideas are sound and very well thought out. Unfortunately, the people in charge are forcing people to go back to work so they can deny them unemployment insurance when they dissent(meat packing plants, hospitals, assisted living homes).


As opposed to your Mother Russia, which wants to put us on a steady diet of W10-40 and gasoline. Throw in some #2 diesel, shake vigorously, serve at Siberian room temperature and you’ve got the equivalent of a Molotov Cocktail for the entire planet.

"Strike -Strike -Strike!"

Buy only what you need to exist.

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The quote from Zengodita tipped me over. Wow! Before that, I was teetering on the edge; a razor’s edge, a Gillette disposable from my travel kit, actually ( only try that at home with lots of pillows ).
Your musings, and that of your guests, should come with a warning: in capital letters, read only while wearing a flotation device, this is the deep end. What do you think? Or, could that be a little too much off, the deep end of it?
Better safe than sorry, though.

Currently, there is no proof that having Covid19 antibodies protects someone from contracting the disease again at some point in the future. It’s a likelihood that antibodies will do so, but the other corona viruses that infect humans typically give people who have been exposed and subsequently developed antibodies only limited immunity. That’s why people still get the flu – even after getting that year’s vaccine – over and over. The flu may be more mild, or not. I note that more than just corona viruses cause the flu.

Limited immunity is better than nothing, but not a guarantee of anything.

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Lofgren’s post, while well-written, never mentions that the Democrats were content to let serious help for the working class wait until bail out package 4…or 5…or whenever this mythological package was going to suddenly appear.

In other words, Pelosi and the entire d-party Congressional caucus in both Houses got played by McConnell and Mnunchin, except for AO-C.

Which would be bad enough in itself if it weren’t for the fact that millions of Americans now face destitution because the d-party either has no spine or is content to save corporations and screw everyone else. When I see video of Nancy’s $25,000 premium refrigerators well-stocked with designer ice cream, I tend to go with B.