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Reopening the Doors of Perception


Reopening the Doors of Perception

Robert C. Koehler

As the president soon put it, America’s mission was to “rid the world of evil.” They concocted what might as well be called the War To Promote Terror.

"The world was trembling, international compassion flowed, and the leaders of the world’s most powerful nation were plotting in utter ignorance a war that would make them look big and strong." (Photo: Alisdare Hickson/flickr/cc)


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Hi Robert !

I have Aldous Huxley’s “The Doors of Perception” on my bookshelf, but I did not know William Blake was the source.

Huxley’s book details how the effects of mescaline resemble uncannily the effects of the breakdown products of nor-epinephrine, basically adrenaline, which is produced to keep you alive climbing, or in other similarly dangerous situations.

It is a natural high, in other words.

I wish I were climbing still, but times change, and I am stuck here between a rock and a hard place, like yourself and all of us I presume, in a world going to hell in a hand basket - and quickly.

So it’s good to see you with a ray of hope, and on St. Andrew’s day (November 30), we might all share and share alike the lessons to be learned - i.e., - “standing man” - i.e., courage - i.e., like in the song “To Dream the Impossible Dream”, a just world !

St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, and St. Andrew’s University its oldest university. It seems appropriate on this, St. Andrew’s Day, on this ‘Doors of Perception’ thread, to post what is perhaps my favorite piece of writing, not coincidentally, by another outdoorsman, a man of science, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Fridjtof Nansen, polar explorer - “standing man”.

This is a rather long read - but always worth the while - pragmatic, yet hopefull.

Here an excerpt, for those with ‘not enough time’:

“The touchstone of real culture should be the feeling of solidarity. You, your family, your class, your nation, are only parts of the whole, passing links in space and time. But of that feeling there seems to be nothing as yet between nations, and mighty little between classes. In their relations you still have the morality of the savage who only considers his own advantage.”



We sense an otherworldliness in aporia–in the unresolvable conflicts of our assumptions: what we see is not what we think.

It seems we’re ripe.


This too is an interesting artifact.



Repression via the War on Drugs and War on Terror. How the Right Wing uses both to its advantage.


Unfortunately, opening the doors of perception (reopening is inaccurate historically) requires much more than just hallucinogens. Opening the doors of our perception requires that we uncover the doorway within all our experiences that has been nailed shut, buried, reburied repeatedly and intentionally forgotten by centuries of cultured ignorance, domination and conformity.
Having buried accurate and true perception, that is, that cooperation, equality, peace, truth, compassion and wisdom are our true identity, we have headed down a dark tunnel that will end where all dark places go. The traditions of many modern societies are socialized madness, brutality and oppression. Opening the doors of perception really means reclaiming our sanity by pressing the reset button to wake up.
PS While respecting hallucinogens - try experiencing the opening of the doors of perception without using them. That’s the real deal. The ability to directly experience the sacred and the real has been with humanity for as long as we can discern. Living and creating out of our true identity produces harmony and well being - very different than what our ‘civilization’ trumpets. Opening the doors of perception is THE social, political and personal enterprise to remedy our systematized corruptions, lies and suffering.