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Reopening the Economy is a Death Sentence for Workers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/19/reopening-economy-death-sentence-workers

We have to open up quickly.
Liverpool won’t win another title for 25 years.

The British opened up Ireland to globalisation and the free market; which only killed 20% of them through starvation. What a missed shot on goal. They got more free kicks in, though.
In fact, with the election of BJ, the Brits have finally elected someone who’s doing a fantastic job. Statistically, they’re kicking the poop out of Germany, New Zealand and S. Korea. When it comes to COVID-19, you guys even beat the U.S.
By all means, we’re all cheering for Liverpool.

“…the Trump administration’s callousness has become more evident than ever.”

This is certainly true, but lets give credit where it’s due…Nancy’s gang is not much better.

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