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Rep. Al Green to Force Trump Impeachment Floor Vote Over 'Bigotry, Hatred, and Hostility'


Rep. Al Green to Force Trump Impeachment Floor Vote Over 'Bigotry, Hatred, and Hostility'

Julia Conley, staff writer

"For too long, we have allowed our civility to prevent us from confronting the invidious incivility of President Donald J. Trump."


I am, of course, in 100% total agreement with Rep. Al Green.


All of our shadows are the same color.


Sorry, Mr. Green, but “bigotry, hatred, and hostility” aren’t nearly enough to do it. As we’re seeing now, the only thing that can remove an elected official is S-E-X.


Or… you could impeach him for actual crimes you already have evidence of. Unless your party is complicit.


“High crimes and misdemeanors” are grounds for impeachment and DJT has committed several including ABUSE OF POWER. He is also not mentally/intellectually fit for the office. IMPEACH AND THEN INCARCERATE HIM FOR LIFE, House and Senate! NOW!


The majority of Dems probably hate him for this because it will expose their hypocrisy when they vote against it and say it is more important to “play nice and look to the future”, than to demand justice.


Helping to ram through a tax bill that benefits him and his family directly should be mentioned as well.


Trump is a demonstrable ass…

That, however, has never been a disqualification from office, let alone an impeachable offense.


Not a peep out of Congress! Reminds me of Obama not indicting Bush for war crimes and lies about WMD’s in Iraq: " WE NEED TO LOOK FORWARD".

The fact that so many in Congress are cowards and not supporting Mr. Green’s impeachment of Trump, tells me just how corrupt they really are!