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Rep. Barbara Lee Denounces "Most Extreme Effort to Roll Back Women's Healthcare in Decades"


Rep. Barbara Lee Denounces "Most Extreme Effort to Roll Back Women's Healthcare in Decades"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) and fellow pro-choice members of Congress shot back at the Trump administration's new proposal to strip federal funds from facilities that provide abortions or make abortion referrals, saying the plan shows "a callous disregard for the well-being of American women and families."


Watch, this is going to end up political postering for elections - which is probably the whole point of it.


Women all over this nation “must” speak up now and be heard.

This is not the time to be quiet.


I am proud to be a San Franciscan, proud of Barbara Lee (even from Oakland). I’m a life-long Dem. As is always the case- the Dems are so tied to their own individual passions and ‘important’ issues that there is zero vision, zero boldness or courage to set yourselves free from all the bull. American are looking for real leadership - courage, bold, truth, honesty, future thinking. Trump is such a fool. But he declared a “vision” for a backwards America and attracted all the backwards looking voters - they want the 1950s and 60s back. Trump played on fear and “the other” as your enemy. What do the Dems do?
“A Better Deal” - you cannot get more pathetic than that. No courage, no energy, same old crap. Yes - you are much better than the Rs. But you are not catalytic, your are not energizing. Deep, passion, future, dream big - and embrace the truth of the awful predatory system of capitalism we now practice. Gather your tribe - tell truth, set yourself and all free from the lies and corruption taking hold of our nation. If you are not bold, you will not be elected and we all suffer.


Women are half the population of this country, are we going to just sit by & let trump & pence take our lives from us?


How does it happen that pro life christians work against health insurance and pollution protections for life while also hating the others out there and lusting for war? What’s pro life about this ideology?

Would all the christians here be happy to live under whichever king’s church their ancestors fled? Like this was originally a christian nation with a christian constitution, right? Which church won the federal government granted monopoly as the model christian variety? We are still deciding. Which church do you want to be in charge of religiously flavoring decisions of the government?


Most Christians are Christians so they do not need to think…just follow command and control dogma that provides simple answers to all questions…no matter how complex the question (the answer to most questions is “have faith”).

Many Christians are counting on Trump and the GOP hastening the rapture so they can ascend into heaven soon. Polluting the planet is of no concern to those who will ascend during the rapture…the almighty will subsequently clean up all that pollution.

Yes, the natural evolution of eliminating the separation of church and state is the gubmit allowing only a single gubmit sanctioned religion. Command and control Christians will be told by their leaders to blame progressives, Buddhists and other non-Christians for that outcome.

Need any more Christian fantasy ?


The sane answer would be NONE!


The fantasy is that these christians ( and other religions ) believe the inhumanity being perpetrated around the world would be condoned by a supreme being. Pretty had to believe one exists.


Something everyone should watch, christians in particular.


Barbara Lee is an incredible person. The best!


May I suggest that all women who have been denied abortions under Orange Butt’s proposal take the children to Florida and leave them on the steps of Mar A Lago. Send him bills for pregnancy care and delivery.


Women and men have to speak up loudly for individual’s right to choose and concern for future of the children who are here now.
The republicans and their corporate democrats have caused the deaths of born and unborn children world wide and have the gals to put on a show of phony concern for the unborn. They wait til the fetus is born only to torture them by forcing their mothers to work minimum wage jobs unable to care for the newborn. Families are put through hellish lives with low pay, no benefits condemn to perpetual violence, drugs use and health issues with no health insuranc.




No other legal procedure in our history has faced so many restrictive laws. Abortion is accessed exclusively by women. I do not understand why each of these restrictions are not being challenged on the basis of unconstitutional gender discrimination.