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Rep. Barbara Lee’s Startling Vote to Boost Military Spending

Rep. Barbara Lee’s Startling Vote to Boost Military Spending

Norman Solomon

What Barbara Lee did on the House floor three days after 9/11—speaking

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We the People of America, by our majority support of the two parties of the Duopoly, have given the top .01%, a little over 3 million people, the absolute right to determine that the Military should receive nearly 2/3 of every dollar in taxes,
and reap the profits from it.


Who didn’t think this " Bailout for Boeing " Bill was coming? After the disastrous and truly criminal 737 fiasco, the MIC must prop up the financials of our only " human hauler ".
The Republican’s reasons for a NO are anathema to the Dimocrats, so hopefully the " guns and butter " arguments keep non-military spending at current levels under the Trump Adm. It’s the old sausage-making in The Swamp, yet again.
It’s disgusting, it’s irresponsible, it’s obviously immoral and yet, so American.
Con. Lee’s vote shows we USAins haven’t progressed much past LBJ’s " to get along you often got to go along " type of governance. Busting up The Uniparty’s corrupt indulgence in regards to the MIC is going to require the retirement of lots of old Dimocrats, even ones like Con. Barbara Lee.
It’s still " all about the Benjamins, baby ".


Not to nit-pick but 0.01% of our population is approximately 32,800 people. (1/10,000th of 328 million).

Otherwise, your sentiment is spot on.


Barbara Lee’s sincerity and commitment to peace are beyond question.

Sorry, Norm, while I’ll be the first to give Lee credit when it’s due and she certainly has done a lot in the cause of peace, the sincerity and commitment of every member of Congress should never be taken for granted or be beyond question. Thus is an example of what happens when we fail to factor in the influence of Lee’s own corrupt party. If she’s going to wallow with the pigs, she’s going to sometimes get dirty.


Does serving on any committee come at the pleasure of the House Speaker and party whip Nancy Pelosi?

If Barbara Lee had deadlocked the bill in committee, would Pelosi kick her off the committee next time?

We have a bigger problem in that the majority of the Democratic Party would go against Barbara Lee and demand she get kicked off.

True progressives are a small minority in the Democratic Party.

Most are DINO (Democrat in Name Only). Coastal Rich learned long ago that they can’t run candidates in the Republican party and expect them to win. They have to run those candidates within the Democratic Party. Very easy to know who those candidates are in the primaries. Just check to see which primary candidate is Virginia (Guns… military industrial complex), Houston (Oil) and Manhattan (Debt) voting for. Before the primaries begin just check to see their average donation amounts.

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Would you say the same pressure will be on the other progressive democrats who voted no? If so, we will get a chance to see if you are right (though it could be argued since the bill got out, Nancy won’t be so pissed).

A disappointing vote, but as Norm says, Lee has an enormous amount of positive good will among most progressives and if this is all there is to criticize her over, she is far from being in the set we should want to primary.

Thanks to the other 3 progressive reps for trying.

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.01 times 330 million equals 3.3 million.

I’ve checked myself several times.

Please check your calculations once more.

There are very few true progressives in the Democratic Party indeed.

This is the reason many of us here at Common Dreams refuse to be a party to their deceit.

Want a true progressive political party, choose one that puts:

People, Planet, and Peace Before Profit.

Or, stick with a corporate controlled entity that has more Republicans pretending to be Democrats in it.

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It looks like Barbara is ready for retirement like her Boss Nancy.

It is time for the younger Peace Mongers to take over and clean up the mess their predecessors left them.

Shame on You Barbara for advancing the Endless War Machine.

And a heartfelt Thanks to: Pramila Jayapal, Ro Khanna and Ilhan Omar for voting for Peace.


Yes it does, but that is 1%. If you are talking 0.01% (which is the right number for the uber-rich), you need another factor of 100 in your division and then you will get the number @LazarusLong told you.


0.1000 = 10%
0.0100 = 1%
0.0010 = 0.1%
0.0001 = 0.01%


Thanks Dara. I now see the error of my ways.

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Thank you, dara.

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Sorry for my error Lazarus.

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No need to apologize. Your posts are always worth reading.

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I’ve been wondering, though…

Is PonyBoy a Ford Mustang reference, a seahorse from Finding Nemo or something else?

Well, this makes everything look even much worse now.

We the People of America are allowing roughly 33,000 super rich to dictate how our country spends our money.

And in the last election, the GOP convinced half of the voting electorate to install a racist, con-man, cheat who is quickly becoming the next Hitler, right here in the United States of America.


Agreed, on all points.

The lack of critical thinking by a significant portion of our population has lead us down a dark path. I’m not sure there’s a viable way out.

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Another attempt at correcting my mistake, I asked Google to define one tenth of one percent.

The answer was, 0.001.

So, 330,000,000 times .001 equals 330,000.

I think I finally have it right.

Please check my math one more time.