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Rep. Bill Pascrell Demands DOJ Prosecution of Trump's "Innumerable Crimes Against the United States'"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/18/rep-bill-pascrell-demands-doj-prosecution-trumps-innumerable-crimes-against-united


There must be more than one. I would hope that most Democrats would support Pascrell’s courageous and moral stance, but we’ll see.


You got it RIGHT, Rep. Pascrell —
• There is NO WAY this lying clown SHOULD EVER again be considered for OFFiCE in this land.
Not just the presidency, but ANY elected position!

When he breathes out, he’s breaking laws.


Hell! Appoint Bill Pascrell as Attorney General during the Biden administration.


And why were not these very valid charges included in the wishy washy articles of impeachment?
Oh yeah … Nancy Pelosi.


Unless Biden launches Nuremberg style trials on January 21 to bring Trump, his appointees, and other enablers to justice. And not just the high profile enablers, but GSA derailer Murphy, CFPB Kraninger, and other Trump hench people.

If Biden fails to do this the GOP will continue to gain power, assuring more Trump’s (or worse) in our future, while the Democratic Party fades to irrelevancy.

Gerald Ford saying “this ends our national nightmare” when he pardoned Nixon actually LAUNCHED “our national nightmare” that continues to haunt us nearly 5 decades later.


If Trump is indicted and becomes a convicted felon, Trump is toast!


I can answer that: BIDEN WILL NOT!


Why haven’t we heard about Pascrell before?
He appears to have his priorities straight re 45.


I’m with you Bill, but how about we wait until after Jan.20, so there’ll be no argument over whether Trump can pardon himself.


Thee are no minor infringements of the law.

The are serious attempst to by-pass the legal structures of our government and seek favors for those in power at the moment.


Lol. What rule of law?

The American electorate just elected a President elect who participated in multiple war crimes: Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Sudan, Somalia…

His former boss, Barack the Nobel Droner, is still revered by many liberals despite his war crimes, despite him assassinating American citizens without due process, despite warrantless spying on Everyone, despite his 90% civilian drone casualty rate, despite arming radical jihadi terrorists, despite building those cages at the Mexican border and starting the child separation policy, etc. etc.

The Bush/Cheney cabal got away with torture - the most heinous of their multiple crimes - and weren’t prosecuted because Obama wanted to “look forward” despite his folksy “yeah, we tortured some folks”. One of the most famous war criminals of the Cheney/Bush regime, Colin Powell, spoke at the Democratic convention, and Michelle Obama (and many liberals like Ellen DeGeneris) just love George W. Bush nowadays.

John Yoo and Condi Rice got gigs at Berkeley and Stanford.

One of the torturers, Gina “Bloody” Haspel, now (still) runs the CIA.

Compared to the previous two administrations, Trump’s lawlessness (with the exception of the continuation of the genocide in Yemen that started under Obama) was like child’s play.

So, go ahead and prosecute Trump and show the rest of the world what a joke the “rule of law” has become in the United States.

Truly embarrassing.


Investigating corruption would be perceived as a dangerous precedent by most of the bi-partisan senior leadership.


Hi Lupito:
sigh------it appears that the "Rule of Law, " belongs to the lawbreakers—provided that they are high enough up in the government.The ability to murder, men , women and children in their homes seems to be a sure fire way to get away with murder. ( see Bush, Cheney et al in SHOCK AND AWE. : (


Is it within the rules to call for a new Speaker to be appointed by the House? Can any representative stand a call for such a thing? Someone should, and this should be a key reason.


We must always remember Adam Schiff’s role in the Russiagate impeachment diversions as well. He’s no servant of the public interest either.


I would just like to know how US liberals/progressives/whatever they call themselves can celebrate the election of a heinous, remorseless war criminal as somehow a victory for “the soul of the nation” and a return to “decency” and “empathy” ?


Hi Lupito:

Compared to trump’s latest actions and comments–Biden seems like a choir boy----but then we do know of the awful decisions Biden has made, i.e. going along with Bush and Cheney for their war. I am sad that the DNC is so much like the RNC… but then politics is full of creative writing and NEVER looking back on actual FACTS—which is very sad. I only voted for Biden because he was not trump---- and that seems to be the sad state of affairs with so many voters in so many nations in today’s world. : (


Wait…so you’re saying you voted for a heinous war criminal … because Orange Man bad ?


Perhaps, Trump’s threat to withhold a corona vaccine from the citizens of New York, is an attempt to get leverage concerning the ongoing investigation into his tax dealings, by the New York AG.