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Rep. Bill Pascrell Demands DOJ Prosecution of Trump's "Innumerable Crimes Against the United States'"

We cannot keep allowing these elected officials to skate away from their crimes without even a slap on the wrist.

They Must Be Held Accountable.

No one is above the Law.


Hi PonyBoy:
sigh—but Roger Stone et al have already been pardoned-----and sadly-- so often —the elected ones do skate freely away. People should realize that Ford’s pardon on Nixon was a major error—and we don’t need to keep giving the destroyers a pass. : (

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Thank you for your thoughtful reply.
The “banality of evil” and its many forms of expression has been an interest of mine for my whole life. My maternal grandparents from Germany were a communist grandfather who was imprisoned in Dachau for being a communist and his Jewish wife, my grandmother, who fled to Switzerland. Of their 8 children, 4 were hard-core Nazis, and my father was drafted to the front lines at age 15. He was captured in Italy and was a prisoner of war for 2 years. When he returned, his father was a broken man after 2.5 years in Dachau, his mother was still in Switzerland, and he had to “pull himself up by his bootstraps” as USAmericans like to say, go back to school, get a GED, go to Universirty etc.etc. His experience As a pawn of the Nazis and the Resulting ethos he installed in me in ALWAYS questioning authority Has been the greatest gift and worst curse at the same time.
Even this brief experience of trying to engage with people on this forum has reconfirmed my worst fears that we as a species are doomed.
Even on a site like this, presumably left-leaning in the context of the proto-fascist US of A, civil discourse is all but impossible, because the moment one strays from the orthodoxy of mainstream liberal thought, one is immediately accused of being a troll, secret Trump admirer, a Russian plant, or some other form of “deplorable” human being that needs to be re-educated in some concentration camp for the “subversives”.
The sheer hypocrisy of somewhat intelligent human beings celebrating the elevation of a mass-murdering war criminal to what some might call the “leader of the free world” is so disgusting and revolting to me, no doubt a result of the values my father instilled to me, that I am at a loss for words how depressing and powerless that makes me feel.
I’ve enjoyed reading comments by Skeptic Tank, Suspira, Hans Teeth, Dara, Joan, Uncle Fester, etc. (Excuse me if I missed any of my favorites…) and yours (for the first time that I remember) over the last year or so, and I wish you all good luck and hopefully many fruitful conversations, but I’m out.
Thank you again and good luck. You’ll need it.


Thought I’d never live to see the day - it’s been a long time commin, but it soon come, mon. IF we keep organizing and fighting the power to end the prohibition that was excuse for cop harassment and profits before our rights…

“a California lawmaker has announced he will take on the arduous battle to decriminalize psychedelics in the state” - “Ain’t it funny how an old broken bottle looks just like a diamond ring”
“Have you ever seen the rain comin down a sunny day…”



I’ve enjoyed reading your comments, and I’ll be sorry to see you go.

It is pathetic how quickly some commenters are reviled and trashed for honest opinions and thoughts.

I don’t know if you care for science fiction, or Andre Norton, but I read a short story recently that made me think of you. It questioned what the root of all evil is.

The answer was that fear is the root of all evil.


New Jersey has a Democratic Governor who would replace him with another Democrat and, with good fortune, a good, progressive one.

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You shouldn’t leave. The ones who seem unable to bear any deviation from their idea of orthodoxy are generally poor thinkers or trolls trying to drive away people like you. Others are just not that good at expressing themselves.

It would be better for the rest of us if you were to persevere here: the greater the number of thoughtful, evidence-based thinkers, the more marginalized the dogmatists and trolls will become.

If we are ever to create a world good for innocents and people of good will of all species, the good-hearted who think well must outlast the dogmatists and trolls. There is no other way.


I see all the trUMP trolls are out.
tRUMP and his cronies need to be charged and convicted.
There should be a very strong message that such crimes will not be tolerated.
And some need to be sent the the Hauge to account for their crimes against humanity.

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Your asserting that tRUMP is in any way preferable to POTUS Biden is disgusting.

Yes, yes and more yes…finally I see someone considering the fact that we are saturated to the gills w neurotoxins! There shouldn’t be any wonder why we are chronically ill and neurologically impaired. We seriously need to address THAT issue if we ever hope to progress as a country or just keep spiralling into the decay of physical and mental breakdown.


You obviously already have a negative view of the people you named. You don’t want answers, you want people telling you how wrong you are so you can keep your right wing dander up. All I can ask is that you keep an open mind and at least realize that President-Elect Biden will bring some calm and civility to our national politics. That’s what we want, as well as dozens of other things.