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Rep. Dennis Kucinich to Vote 'Yes' on Health Care


Rep. Dennis Kucinich to Vote 'Yes' on Health Care

Sabrina Eaton

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich waited until Democrats had won last November's health care reform vote before casting his ballot against it on the House of Representatives floor.

This time around -- pressured by everyone from President Obama to Moveon.org -- the Cleveland Democrat had no luxury to dawdle before taking a stance. He announced at a Capitol news conference this morning that he'll vote "yes" on the bill's latest draft.


Yup - that's why I dumped the Ds when its prog poster boy winds up doing a 180 on one of his signature issues for the sake of "party and Pres" I realized there was no point in electing "prog" Ds - when push comes to shove they would choose party over principle - and in the years since i have had no reason to change that assessment - Sanders being another example (he also voted yes) K is out now, Sanders is not - and he is still singing the SP tune - while continuing to defend the ACA - the cognitive dissonance must be enormous ....


So if democrats have half a brain they will run strong campaigns against those republicans who have refused to expand medicaid in their states.