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Rep. Ilhan Omar Applauded for Grilling Elliott Abrams Over Role in US-Backed Genocide, Massacres, and Death Squads in Latin America


Pacific_Blue, your comment: (“Ilan Omar is so brave and so moral that she’ll only be a one term Congresswoman.”) is far from being the case. Had she gotten the party nomination and then the election win by being a ‘loyal’ New Dem trooper but didn’t follow the ‘script’, then your pessimism would have real historical merit. But from the beginning Ilan Omar has been a real, honest to god human being. And not another cookie cutter godd** neoliberal human impersonator. That means the voters of Minnesota elected her for who is IS. This is so important. As it was mentioned on social media recently, Nancy Pelosi has the House leadership position because of the progressives who won last November. It’s the progressive winners who hold the IOUs and not the Hillary’s, the Namcy’s, the Chucks and all their obedient fellow commissars. It’s not the ‘Dems’ that are being reinvigorated, it’s a growing number of the public. That’s what makes a movement genuine.


if I had a rocket launcher, some sonofabitch would die


Rep. Omar has become my hero. To see her actually grill a war criminal is refreshing compared with Hillary Clinton who apparently likes to pal around with another war criminal, Henry Kissinger. I just hope Rep. Omar does not suffer a “Wellstone Event.”


You are right on. Only when it becomes acceptable to criticize Israel will this country have a true democracy with genuine free speech.


“a world-historical ghoul to answer for what he did,” quote from Esquire columnist Charles Pierce

As I read this piece first I wanted to punch abram’s ugly smug self-congratulatory visage
And second I want to jump up and down shouting hurrah!! It took a “little woman” to demonstrate that these shitty criminal punks who have experience impunity for their entire lives can be called out for their inhuman actions. ( Irony of “Little Woman” intended)

Like someone posted above it is criminal that we live in a country that has this type of person in a position to do what he does


Appropriate post by Mark_Tele: Bruce Cockburn wrote this song after visiting Guatemalan refugee camps in Mexico in the early 1980s. The U.S.-backed Guatemalan army, encouraged by the likes of Abrams, was using a Vietnam-style strategy of massacring and displacing rural people in an attempt to wipe out a guerrilla campaign against the military dictatorship. Many Guatemalans, especially Indigenous Mayans in the north of the country, fled across the border to Mexico – but the Guatemalan military flew helicopters into Mexico to shoot refugees in the camps.

At the time, Abrams was Reagan’s Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs. The human rights he espoused included the murder of more than 100,000 Guatemalans; the dictator he supported, Efrain Rios Montt, was later convicted of genocide against the Maya-Ixil people.


Well, if she does, it’ll most likely be an accident like Wellstone’s was.

Honestly, it’s easier to just primary the wandering cows out of the party and no one has to die.

But I’ve been informed that Omar’s constituency is a pretty solid muslim base so if they get her, it’s going to have to on something else.


You are correct and she did not end on a strong note. However she showed that she is brave and did tell the bstard to shut up and answer the question. And she did make very important questions that others should have been asking for decades.

Do you support genocide as a humanitarian fabulous achievement?


It was a great show…only thing missing was her pushing him hard enough to give him a blood vessel rupture in the brain. What a giant POS he is…fits in well with the rest of the fascist or Nazi swamp.


Danke! Gracias! Thank yew! You beat me to it, Adam. Glenn was awesome and Omar was brilliant in using that…


She should be commended for this and I intend to write my Congressman Rep. Welch this evening when I get home from work to ask that he and the entire Congress do so. I doubt he will but if enough pressure is put on him and the other members of Congress then maybe it will finally begin to dawn on them that this is the kind of representation Americans want and need.


I’m feeling it too. We definitely need more Representatives like Omar in OUR Congress.


Elliott Abrams and John negroponte, death squads Incorporated


Humpty Trumpty?


NPR news this morning reported on the interrogation of Abrams before the committee, and played recordings of several male committee members confronting Abrams on death squads but not the potent interchange of Rep. Omar.
It has started.


Yes, thank you. It was Ro Khanna, Tulsi Gabbard and IIhan Omar.

They were the only three members of congress standing up for human decency and against sub-human terrorist united states regime change wars.


I need some help here. Does anyone remember the last time when someone spoke the fkin’ truth in that room? I’m gonna be 60 and I can’t remember the last time.


Some 411: Hezbollah is not an Iranian entity. They’re Lebanese.


The Minnesota Governor is a Dem, so is at least one chamber of the legislature. They’ll control redistricting. Does that mean Omar’s district is safe? Tough question.


Hope progressives are celebrating the appearance of a long overdue public take down of the thugs who run the country.
Wonderful, accurate, needed.
"Omar stated at the beginning of her remarks. “I fail to understand why members of this committee or the American people should find any testimony that you give today to be truthful.” " Bang on sister.
We need to renovate the culture that has made criminals like Abrams wealthy, respected, appointed, and regarded as a leader rather than a miscreant.
Where are the other powerful voices…? Seems too quiet.