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Rep. Jayapal Scolds Republicans for #TrumpShutdown and Disparaging Remarks About Immigrants

Rep. Jayapal Scolds Republicans for #TrumpShutdown and Disparaging Remarks About Immigrants

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
"As an immigrant myself," she said, "I am tired of hearing Mexicans be called rapists or Africans called vulgarities that I cannot even repeat on this floor."
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You go Jayapal!!! It is unconscionable to put young people in such a horrible compromising situation! Enough is enough!

The immigrants will keep coming, despite any walls, physical or legal.This is because our government is not educating people well enough to fill all of the jobs in grad schools and tech companies, and also because some corporations and farms don’t want to pay American citizens a living wage.

What’s changing is the ability of these workers to stay.That is the racist part.

In those countries around the world which have been invaded and fought, people may live in conflict and lawlessness for years and sometimes decades at a time. These people sometimes need to be evacuated. Adjusting to a new environment is indeed a challenge. I advocate compassion, education and opportunity first, last and always.

There is a third issue: overcrowding. As a lover of hiking and gardens and trees, trees, trees, my stomach revolts at the sight of multi-hirise buildings. But without them, some places would simply not have a scrap of land to farm on. In America, many just don’t want more people. This issue is being scuttled in anti-abortion. Countries and religious leaders around the world often actually encourage high birth rates.

My bias? Sure. I dated mostly foreign students in college, and married one. I quit a lucrative engineering career to teach ESL.