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Rep. Katie Porter Demands IG Probe Into Whether Trump Violated Ethics Laws by Putting Pharma Exec in Charge of Covid-19 Vaccine Effort

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/20/rep-katie-porter-demands-ig-probe-whether-trump-violated-ethics-laws-putting-pharma

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Piggy back that IG with one for a probe of the Post Master General that owns part of, and favors Fed-X and UPS.


Assuming the Biden/Harris ticket wins the election, Harris’ Senate seat should go to Katie Porter, whose record and issues show she very much deserves it! There are other progressive candidates as well, but “Under current California law, one man, Gov. Gavin Newsom, will have the power to decide” and he is likely to choose a centrist to fill the seat - unless the public start now to pressure him to appoint a true progressive voice, like Katie…


Trump has never met an Ethics Law he didn’t feel entitled enough to “not” break.

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“This process must be transparent in order to instill confidence in the American people that this vaccine is safe an effective.”

NO!. This process must be stopped. There is no reason to allow private companies in the door to profit at all, over a publicly funded vaccine. You want to instill confidence in the vaccine with the public, remove big pharma companies from the equation.


OTOH, if Katie doesn’t get Harris’ seat in the Senate, she would make an excellent Attorney General of the United States.  It will be GREAT fun watching her bring her predecessor, Bill Barr, to justice . . .


So Gates and Fauci have no connections to the pharmaceutical industry and the vaccine production aspect of it? Come on. Of course Big Pharma is profiting off of the situation. Nothing to see here folks, move on.

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Yeah, this is proof positive that Trump is in on the bullshit covid crisis and will be getting a nice piece of the action when all is said and done. These particular pharma companies have paid out record fines in the billions for defrauding the gov and the people. Look up what is said about them on Wikipedia. These are criminal organizations.

The bullshit covid crisis endgame is to inject mandatorily as many humans on earth as possible to essentially take over and privatize the human immune system which has worked fine for thousands of years. Currently a new vaccination for flu is whipped up fresh for every flu season
and has an efficacy rate 30 to 40 percent. It took a long time for Big Pharma to get that far.

We are currently being sold on the idea that a vaccination created on demand with an 18 month timeline will of course be 100% effective and we can all be free again. Never mind that work to develop a coronavirus vaccine has gone on for decades without success.

This ultimately is all about money and the continuing oligarch control of the world. A more sinister design I cannot imagine and yet so many wish to believe the same people that have sold you on wars and a 1 trillion plus annual war budget and the completely phony politicians and media that promote it all.


I’m in California and would love to vote Porter for Senate. She’s very impressive and I think would appeal to a broad chunk of the electorate here.

You won’t get to vote for her for a while.   El Gubernador can appoint her – or anyone else he wants – to fill Kamala Harris’ seat when she moves up to the Vice Presiduncy.  Maybe he’ll appoint Adam Schiff, maybe Porter, or maybe somebody else.  Probably not Devin Nuñez, anyway.

Very true, but one can hope. To be honest, Schiff would be a solid choice too, though he might not want to give up his Chair.