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Rep. Keith Ellison, Progressive Favorite, Announces Run for DNC Chair


Rep. Keith Ellison, Progressive Favorite, Announces Run for DNC Chair

Jon Queally, staff writer

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), who recently received the public encouragement of Sen. Bernie Sanders and other progressives, announced Monday he will run to be the next chairperson of the Democratic National Committee.


Because he has more class than to refer to them as "treacherous pigs." He's also got a full time job.


Howard dean is a has-been who sold himself to the Dem corporate/banker wing cheap - he has NOT the record of strong progressive principles and continued advocacy and action!
The Dem rank and file base, environmentalists, progressives must demand a thorough party house-cleaning to remove the entire wing of Clinton-Obama sell-outs that brought our entire nation to this sorry state! There must be a dedication to the principles of representation to progressive issues, environmental stewardship, and serving the average guy and gal and family, not the wealthiest and most powerful factions of greed-driven few!


"In addition to Sanders and other progressive allies in the House, Ellison also received the endorsement of Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, and outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Utah."

Hmmm...I'll stick with
http://www.dsausa.org/ for grassroots support and organization.


Yes, because people power! I know we've all bought Thomas Frank hook, line, and sinker, but his myopic take on history ain't so on the mark. In 1984, the traditional liberal labor-backed candidate for president got thwacked in the biggest electoral college loss since 1936. Republicans retained control of the Senate, picked up seats in the House, and did well in the states. And, keep in mind, some of the House Democrats were of the southern variety. This was a major popular and electoral college defeat. And it happened after successive rules reforms at the DNC designed to increase state party involvement at conventions (the hated super delegates) and open voting rules for delegations.

The awful DLC was formed in the wake of the 1984 Reagan landslide. Created by a successful southern governor who we all hate here, its goal was to peel back the so-called Reagan Democrats the party lost. After another defeat of a northern liberal in 1988, the governor who put the DLC together successfully gained office in 1992, the first Democrat in twelve years to do so.

I say the above because what I am seeing here is some of the dumbest, most ahistorical stuff I've seen. Nobody cares about the DNC except folks here who want to pretend Bernie didn't lose a majority of voters in the primary. And, trashing the DNC doesn't get rid of the problem that historically the DLC was put together to address--voters who are not liberal by inclination.

There are changes that need to be made, but let's not pretend that dumping super delegates or putting Ellison in charge is going to win an election. The DNC was reformed before and as noted above, Democrats got shellacked anyway.


Keith Ellison has been a member and leader of the Congressional Progressive Caucus for several years and was one of the first people in Congress to endorse Bernie Sanders' primary run. If the Democratic Party is to become more liberal and represent average Americans, we have to hope that Ellison, Jeff Merkley, Tulsi Gabbard, and other true progressives become leading members.
If the Democrats continue to have Pelosi, Howard Dean, and other new establishment figures such as R.T. Ryback, the former mayor of Minneapolis, in control, they will continue to be a minority party. As of now the GOP represents the top 1%, the Democrats the others in the top 10%, and 90% of us have no effective representation. It is easily understandable why so many people have no faith in the political system.


If the Dems choose a Howard Dean as Chair, that would show they do not intend to seriously change anything, and those of us who truly want progressive change in this country should just leave for the Green Party. Actually, I already am. We need to try and peel off as many truly progressive potential and past Democratic officeholders as possible to take with us, so the Greens can have some credible candidates for 2018. "Don't complain, organize!". #NotMyPresident.


You know there will be a lot of back door maneuvering by the corporatocracy to keep the DLC
away from progressives. There will be a backlash against the Republicans in 2018 & 2020. And they want to make sure that when that comes, it will be their horses riding the wave.

You know they have been staying up late in strategy meetings every night since Hillary conceded, terrified that they may lose control of one half of their two-party monopoly. And step one will be to pull whatever strings they can to install a Howard Dean or a like-minded clone.


Who gets to vote? Just high members of the DNC?


Essentially. Think 'Superdelegates'. All DNC members also carry that title.


The Dems need to know that if Ellison does not get the DNC chair that they are finished. The alternative must be a split with the Progressive Caucus and others forming an alternative Progressive Populist Party.


Howard Dean would be a mistake. The last thing the Democrats needs is a Big Pharma lobbyist to take over the DNC. Have they not learned anything?

If Ellison has the backing of Bernie, I'm willing to give him a try. However, I will not accept him if he isn't "clean money" certified. If the Democrats ever want to bring Progressives back into the fold, the Dark Money must GO!


Howard Dean is NOT the answer to why people rejected the Democratic Party - a stooge for business as usual and failed, corrupt, arrogant Clinton-Obama wing that lost several mid-term elections and the Trump exclamation point debacle! Dean is part of the problem, NOT a solution! "Strategy" is not a solution or change, it's just more political lies and BS!

Dean's NPR (also needs flushing) interview showing his commitment to party hierarchy and the very people (The that lost the faith and support of millions, supporting instead corporate/banker/big-money interests - Dean must be rejected and a new leadership built - NOT the same recycled instruments of failure and betrayal!

Deans own mealy-mouthed words, "nuanced" beyond trust, show his continued servitude to the Clinton/Obama corporate wing and NOT any real change!

And here is another example of Dem business as usual and corrupt, insular representation - same as Clinton-Obama. No real change at all! With "leadership" like this we will see another Dem sellout or Chelsea Clinton for president........


If we want a progressive change for the New Democratic Party, we do two things
immediately. Support Keith Ellison, and support and work with Bernie Sanders,
the Progressive who never abandoned us on the issues.

Also, remember when you vote in a Presidential Election, always vote for who
you WANT, not a protest vote. Those protest votes to Trump got all of us a
Trifecta for the Repubs., which was a Republican President, House and Senate.
Many people not as sophisticated as you, voted for Trump and the Republican
bottom of the ticket. That's what happened .. and that's not a criticism, it's an
education to those who may not have thought about it. It was tough .. I admitll
to pick from the two. I picked my candidate via Provisional Ballot and chose
Bernie Sanders, and voted inclusively straight down the line for Democrats.
Unfortunately, Katie McGinty lost the Senate, and she would have made a
great, young, new six-year senator. A big loss for the Progressives.

We are in for a very tough ride because those Republican senators, just voted
in, will be serving six straight years of horror for us. Historically, the House
usually introduces Bills, and the Senate reacts on their credibility for going
through, but this time, with the trifecta, the Repub. President will probably
be in agreemen with the House Repubs. and Senate Repubs. They will
run the show, and remember, Trump is an on-the-job-trainee. He has
not experienced what politics is all about as it is reflected and sometimes
dictated by the President.

We as Progressives have to stick close to people with power who can help
us, and right now that's Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, and soon to be
Minority Chair of the Senate, "Chuck Shumer." They will be our three
musketeers .. and by the way, they like each other and have worked with
each other .. that's important.

Please remember when voting, the bottom of the ticket is as important as
the top; and the Democrats vote, the Green Party doesn't. In Solidarity.


Schultz and Brazille are not in charge now. Brazille is only temporary, that's why they are having a leadership vote, get it?

Sanders is needed at the Senate level, the DNC job takes up time and energy.

Ellison would be a good choice, I sent my two Democratic Senators and my State Rep emails pushing Ellison for the DNC post.


The DNC needs to go away along with the electoral college.


Good glory, will you folks never learn? Already missing Obomber and yearning for a real black Muslim politician? This is 'merka yall! hari kari anyone?

Here's your new "progressive": "Hey, my country first. We can work out our political differences later." Just like Obama, he prostitutes himself to sell the American myth. On Voice of America, across the Muslim world, 'let me stand in front of the American flag', at a time when the PTB really needed some PR massage. I lived in his district. He's a paper progressive more interested in personal power than anything else. But hey, that's politics, right? He represents his constituency, that's all. If his constituency changes, what does he really believe in? Not sure, probably Keith Ellison.

Political change will only come from below.


And you probably believe that Donald Trump won a free and fair election.

End the two party system! Open primaries! Ranked voting! NOTA! Non-partisan control of election boards! Paper ballots and hand counted votes!

Pfff. What am I talking about? Hey, I've got some beautiful waterfront property in Sacramento to sell!


Sell your property cheap. I'll buy it!


Was it then "wise" that the Jew Bernie Sanders ran for president? Or African-American Barak Obama or Catholic John F. Kennedy to run for president. Someone has to be first and we are only talking about the DNC Chair, stop fretting with identity politics fear.