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Rep. Khanna Introduces 'Visionary' Bill to Take On Big Ag, Strengthen Family Farms

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/07/rep-khanna-introduces-visionary-bill-take-big-ag-strengthen-family-farms


American and Canadian farmers…feed the world. We support the family farm. We also support Rep. Khanna’s “Visionary Bill”.
Mr. Phillips


I hope this bill gets the support and legs it needs to become adopted. Wishful thinking, but in these times, what other option is there?

Go for it Rep. Khanna! Get backers and supporters to drive this through.


Sorry, I couldn’t find the place in this article where CAFO is defined. Could the author or an editor fix this? Thank you.

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Trump and Mafia are synonyms.
Wow, wouldn’t Nixon have loved to have lived in the 2000’s

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Hi Gandolf:
Oh don’t worry about Flynn: someone will no doubt serve him a Covid19 sandwich. : (

My thoughts exactly

The term is easily Googled, but CAFO is concentrated animal feeding operation, refers to large-scale feeding and caring for thousands of poultry or livestock, in a fairly small locale. They are inhumane operations, and unfortunately, my state of Iowa has them everywhere.

This Farm System Reform Act is badly needed.

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This is a big step in the right direction. Thanks to California Congressman Ro Khanna for his work for this in the House, and Senator Cory Booker and Senator Elizabeth Warren, who sponsor this legislation, the Farm System Reform Act, in the Senate.


“feeding and NOT caring” may be a better description, methinks.


A Socialist Budget Director and Controller would say existing cost accounting reveals actual prices.

Then what? You might wonder.

A tax is levied at the cash register and to secure an export shipping manifest. Factory farms decline to install sewer systems. The true cost differential offsetting untreated animal sewage goes straight to the US Treasury. Energetic young human families crammed into downtown peripheries learn to rent small rural acerages and raise $75/lb pork, pasture and other foods. The commute is short. They learn quickly.

I don’t understand your post. Are you saying the market price for pork will go to $75/lb and we will still have sewage problems at pig farms? At that price people will move away from pork. I don’t think the government has to tax meat - it just has to regulate the hell out of it to the point where there is negligible disease risk and much less environmental impact. The reduced supply will mean prices go up and we thus need protection from imports.

If pig farms become as conscientious as humans about sanitation; then the price of pork would be about $75 per pound (sewage facilities are expensive).

On the other hand, if corporatist agriculture refuses to invest in decent sanitation humans require of each other; then a levy is paid by producers to adjust the price to what pork would cost if pig shit was taken care of properly, That levy at the super market cash register would bring pork up to $75/lb.

That price would attract young families to farm small plots of land with pigs pooping around the place and fertilizing crops without a problem.

I see. We are more or less on the same page. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t allow a company to pay a penalty via the supermarket cash register or any other method. If the company can’t meet some much better standard for growing meat which is low risk for disease or environmental impact, than it needs to be banned from operation until it does comply or sells its assets and dissolves.

$75/lb for pork seems kind of high for what the market would bear. I don’t look at meat prices often being a vegan, but I see bison is fetching double what regular beef does (13.50/lb vs 6.25/lb for ground in 2013 according to consumer reports). Perhaps there are factory bison farms, but my understanding is that they are grazed - so this give me a rough idea of how much more it would cost to do it the right way. Now Bison is a small market, so it could be that if all meat were raised in an acceptable way, the supply would be so far under the current demand, prices would go as high as $75/lb - if so, a whole bunch of lower income people would be giving it up altogether at that point.

I gave up eating pork myself before beef, then poultry, then fish. As soon as I found out they are as smart as dogs or smarter - that kind of bothered me, and then the ecological cost I first heard of through Diet for a Small Planet cinched the case. I’m sure the US won’t be convinced to become 100% vegan, but I’d be quite happy to have all he meat eaters eat Bison at about 1/10th the total meat output we make now (or whatever ratio is actually sustainable).

Pork at $75/lb is just a number meant to indicate how much it might cost to build sewage plants for feedlots and hire doctors to keep the animals healthy while living knee deep in manure. The charge at the super market checkout or to secure a shipping manifest is also only an example of how people might convince corporate polluters to clean up after themselves as everyone else is required to do if they wish to be a social part of the society they live in.

I also have found myself gradually eating less and less meat as the years go by. Even so; We are learning that pasture sequesters carbon and eating grass fed animals restores large pasture rangeland quite rapidly. We are also learning that plowing causes erosion that accounts for almost one third of climate collapse, This knowledge allows us to reintroduce animals to the small farm economy.

Farm animals economically open up small farms for all the young under employed wage slaves who live on the periphery of financial capitalism and have been squeezed from the land by laws that trickle up wealth from labor to city dudes in financial centers who use government to write laws and start wars.

Grass fed has been propagandized against just like switching from mother’s milk to a canned formula and whispering that only poor people use bamboo joined with fabric and cement ace bandages as can be learned at ferrocement dot com, for example.

The next big step is noticing the human body is only 15% efficient and part of the capitalist scam is to mix the 85% of excreted food value into poisons like draino and toilet bowl cleaner. Imagine burning 85% of the money going into super markets and then paying huge sums to dispose of poisonous plastic packaging materials that are destined to become pseudo plankton or incinerated CO2.

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