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Rep. Mikie Sherrill Leads Demand for Probe of GOP Colleagues Who Gave 'Reconnaissance' Tours to Capitol Invaders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/13/rep-mikie-sherrill-leads-demand-probe-gop-colleagues-who-gave-reconnaissance-tours


The more we learn, the clearer it becomes that this was a planned event, encouraged, aided and abetted from the inside, the degree to which I hope will be fully revealed. And we better see the police and government agencies, the state and national politicians, and the organizers and participants of this event face the full extent of justice as allowed by law. Otherwise, stick a fork in what is left of our republic, we’re done. The coming days and weeks will be very telling.

Props to CD for rising to the challenge of the reporting needed here.


I’ll say. This event was planned around the time Orangeman started sabotaging the Post Office. It was a long time before that, I think, that he boasted of having all the tough thugs on his side. Now he’s looking humiliated. Kevin McCarthy cut him loose, then Orangeman released a week-late apology, denouncing violence, for Jordan to read to the House. Then this pathetic video.

Has anyone seen the latest “no supporter of mine” cloying video from the white-supremacist in chief? It looks to me like his lawyers finally got through to him how much trouble he’s in, and the blood is draining from his face. The first time I’ve seen Orangeman look this pale in the face. He’s frightened, I think, in a way which makes me feel optimistic, for the first time, about seeing him gone.


I agree. This all points to a very well orchestrated far right takeover of our country - even further right than the GOP already is - with actors inside the government participating in this. My fear is that by the time most folks here realize this and take significant measures to stop it (like voting out all these fascists) it will be too late and we’ll end up being another fascist authoritarian ruled country.


Some were reporting earlier that his lawyers had a come to Jesus moment with poor dumb Donnie. I think they told him that the jail for insurrectionists is different than club Fed for tax cheats.


That is a prime takeaway from “Mein Kampf.”


White people should always be given a second, third, fourth, fifth …so on, chance at redemption for mis-deads.

That is the way my white teen friends where treated by the LAPD. They were never busted for pot, the cops just said, a couple of pot heads, let them go home.


Lots of states are getting smart and deciding to take the tax money anyhow. So. it’s looking like problem solved.

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I’m going to put this NPR report of those that voted against Impeachment in the House today by party and State. It will help everyone figure out who they should throw out in their congressional district. We have one in Oregon that needs to be removed. Just sayin’…



He needs to be locked up. I would love to see his face when he is told that the prison he is being sent to isn’t located in the middle of a golf course that he can use any time he wants.




But I bet he’ll offer to pay to build one. Oh wait! He doesn’t have any bankers anymore. Never mind.


Hmm. This “Mikie Sherrill” person bears a strong resemblance to Ashli Babbitt. Can’t be the same person, though, unless maybe Mikie Sherrill has a crisis actress gig on the side. My oh my the world has surely become a confusing place with all these weirdoes acting out and making idiots of themselves on the public dime.

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Here’s another small piece of the “inside job” puzzle.

“Capital Police Were Sent Home Early On Insurrection Day So They Couldn’t Help”
Ring of Fire Platform


Thanks for this! Heads need to roll - not just the idiot Trump supporters, but the Capitol police, anyone in the “intelligence” community that blocked information, the R insiders that supported them and did ground work for them, but the R representatives too that voted “NO” to impeachment today. AND any Senators that block or slow down the conviction in the the Senate BEFORE 1/20.

NO damned excuses by either party should be accepted by the people they are supposed to represent or for their faithlessness to their oath of office.

I’m so damned pissed off…


Worse than Watergate!


Yes and the event was financed by corporations that we give our $$ to such as ATT and Wal-mart. See article “We have the receipts” i this issue of CD


I find it very interesting that the Law and Order Republicans are providing so much cover and excuses for the vandals and looters destroying the Capital–but then they are suborning TREASON so I guess a little vandalism is then okay


Unfortunately stupid people still vote for stupid no matter how much information one reads or views. Like the rep. from Texas who continues to be re-elected. I have seen him a few times when trying to give a talk on the floor of Congress and I wonder, how did you get elected?


And I thought that what happened in the years 1968 and 1969 were bad.


The pro-trump republicon/conservative members have been identified and names given to the FBI, according to several sources - yet to be absolutely verified as accurate/true - the three so-far named are: Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs, and Mo Brooks - " (One Of) The organizer(s) behind the rally that preceded the siege of the Capitol said three GOP congressman, Reps. Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks, and Paul Gosar helped him plan last week’s event."

The facts and truth are not absolutely clear yet, but if true should lead to the removal and charges for the “recon tours” charged. There seems to be more than enough smoke to assume fire as some pre-planning and locations of offices, etc, seem verified by the evidence accumulated so-far…

From one UK article:
" * Law enforcement were given the names of representatives were seen giving tours to groups in the Capitol the day before protesters stormed the building

  • Tim Ryan, who chairs the subcommittee which oversees Capitol Police, said that the names were given to authorities on the day of the riot
  • He declined to name them
  • Rep. Mikie Sherrill revealed Tuesday night that she witnessed the tours, calling them 'a reconnaissance for the next day’
  • She intends to hold them accountable and have them removed from Congress
  • Other revelations show pro-Trump activist Ali Alexander claiming he received help from three GOP congressmen to organize the January 6 attack
  • Ali said he worked with Representatives Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs and Mo Brooks
  • ’We four schemed up of putting maximum pressure on Congress while they were voting,’ he said in a now-deleted video on Periscope
  • He said they wanted to ‘change the hearts and the minds of Republicans who were in that body hearing our loud roar from outside’"