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Rep. Neal Urged to Condemn Smear Campaign Targeting Progressive Challenger Alex Morse After Internal Chats Revealed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/13/rep-neal-urged-condemn-smear-campaign-targeting-progressive-challenger-alex-morse


Hopefully this helps to highlight what a total establishment tool Richie Neal is, and that he must be defeated if progressives ever hope to take control of Congress.


Thus illustrating a noticeable difference between the College Repugs and the College Dims.

The College Repugs, traditionally, have expended their largest amount of energy ratfucking the Dims and all “liberals.” The College Dims, by contrast, are busily ratfucking each other.

Geez, it sounds like the Blairites trying to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn. And with roughly the same small amount of ammunition.


Indeed, the Democrats in the U.S., like the Labor Party in the U.K., exist solely to prevent anyone remotely liberal from rising to power. Only genocidal, white-supremacist corporatists need apply!


And it worked against Corbin.

Which is why the LOTE abandons the high road they were never actually on to intra-party ratfuck.

I’d bet the farm that Richie Neal is up to his butt in this.


I’m a little confused at Ryan Grim’s attempt to moderate this situation with his “3 ways this can go”, with no positives for Morse, the third choice would ultimately benefit Neal. I would submit there’s a fourth option, the voters realize what scumbags Neal and his team are, and vote for Morse, leaving Neal with a powerful message he will remember for the rest of his rotten life.

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Since the Neo-Liberal E-CON Revolution that was Not Televised and here in the U.S. where its public policy outcomes and post mortem cannot even be discussed over our broadcast system, I’ve become very careful about using the label “Liberal” which lost whatever value it might have had even before the clever 3 Amigo Neo-Cons of the Reagan-Bush MORNING IN AMERICA campaign (Bill Kristal, Ralph Reed and Frank Luntz) set about tirelessly demonizing every use of the term “liberal” to spectacular political effect:

Such a relative term and imprecise label to designate human personality types that as Walt Whitman noted tend to “contain multitudes” and fluctuate as per situation the way that human morals do so long as we live on a Food Chain not of our own design, “Liberal”, “Conservative”, “Neo-Liberal”, and “Neo-Con” were bound to become receptacles for whatever opportunists and philosophical reductionists wanted to throw into the can.

So, x1jodonn, let me substitute the term “Public Interest radical” as Jeremy Corbyn fits the bill compared to a “Private Interest plundering privateer” to describe the very true political dynamic, less paradoxical than it seems that you have formulated in describing the representatives of the Corporate Caliphate within the U.S. and UK feudal duopolies.

Jeremy Corbyn was taken down as leader of UK Labour precisely because he was not a Blair\Brown obstructionist of structural change to restore the Public Interest to its necessarily privileged position in policy-making after the Neo-Liberal E-CON’d re-positioning of Private Interests that has concentrated wealth around the world into a new and relatively tiny feudal class of New World Order oligarchs. Scholars like Thomas Piketty in France and the economist team of Saez and Zucman at U.C.-Berkeley have quantified to the degree such partial data (owing to bank secrecy laws and other methods of tax-evasion in practice and still very much legal and impervious to any lasting reforms) can quantify anything the unprecedented levels to which wealth has been concentrated and owned by the fewest individuals in known and documented human history.

These oligarchs are not even of the Industrial Revolution Robber Baron Protestant Work Ethic variety of capitalists that accepted the immutable law of das kapital that monetary currency or the precious metal\stone its value was pegged to in global markets could not be hoarded idly in some bank secrecy protected account in a feudal kingdom like Liechtenstein or else it would lose its value via natural monetary inflation.

Old School Protestant Work Ethic meant capital had to keep working all the time too (as in being reinvested and ever subjected to the risks and costs of generating new production, not mere financial speculation) or suffer devaluation. That meant stuff had to get built, infrastructure already built had to be properly maintained and social safety nets could be afforded with all the production of true value rather than the paper fictions of financialization that such fortifications in the real world require.

There wasn’t and would not now be the constant need for malfeasance plagued governments from the Levant to the seat of "Responsible" Anglo Saxon Banking and Finance to keep ratcheting up the Austerity Policies around the never harder working world to keep some value attached to the electronic versions (see Obama and the Federal Reserve’s Central Bank and U.S. Treasury concordance on QUANTITATIVE EASING 1 & 2) of wealth and the old system of minting money for regenerating then once again attempting to preserve that currency’s standard.

Look at London and Wall Street now. Bloated and traders of idle capital, incestuous and lacking in fiscal credibility. Expect the next crash and monetary panic perhaps even before the passing of Covid 19. Gaze across the urban centers around the globe as find the same phenomenon of huge new and largely unaffordable residential towers that have been built since the Modern and mostly de-regulated Financial System’s collapse back in 2007-08 that required in the U.S. the TROUBLED ASSET RELIEF PROGRAM (TARP as the Bush-Cheney-Paulson, that would be former CEO of Goldman Sachs turned U.S. Treasury Secretary at the time of the last straw being withdrawn from the mighty Anglo-Saxon Fiscal Quiver) structured tax-payer bail-out of the most vulture-like and merciless of profit-maximizing Supermarkets of Financial Services.

Don’t forget my fellow eternal and indebted students that just like the tax-payer salvation of the merciless Savings and Loan industry back under the elder Bush, LENDERS GET BAILED OUT, BORROWERS ARE LEFT ON THE HOOK.

That “Financialized Burlesque” commenced with the first failed bank to be propped up with public assistance (YES, CALL IT WHAT IT IS: CORPORATE WELFARE) being the one owned by Neil Bush, the non-political member of the Bush Political Dynasty. Namely, Silverado Savings & Loan of Colorado. That is always a fun go at the monopolized search engine algorithms that have become a Pay2Play industry unto themselves as we are learning in the criminal trials of Harvey Weinstein who had retained the Israeli Cyber Security system’s most successful private entrepreneurs to white-wash his profile online. Just as former felonious (pardoned by Trump to no special notice in our business news media or among our business class political representatives) Junk Bond Kings and corporate-bankruptcy causing to Drexel Burnham Lambert investment execs the brothers Milken availed themselves of, along with endowing that technicolor wonderland in Westwood, UCLA with enough ill-gotten gains from the richest men in the world who had barely any of it clawed back by our Justice System during the Plea Bargain by Michael Milken sparing his brother Lowell Milken a criminal conviction and having to serve any hard time.

Gaze now upon the gleaming Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy at UCLA School of Law and how well it serves business law students and the business law community and the Milken Family reputation.

The invaluable biography of the BUSH FAMILY POLITICAL DYNASTY (another pillar in Neo-Liberal E-CON even before that term got weaponized into a doctrine and litmus test for national political candidates of both political Duopoly partners) that wonder of the western world had to be researched and written with what Leonard Cohen once titled a book of his poems The Energy of Slaves by Paleo-Con Nixon political strategist and campaign tactician turned serious historian and socio-economic analyst Kevin Phillips, who became persona non grata on U.S. News and banished from the Golden Rolodex of Conservative Experts once he published that academic tome on the Bush Family Dynasty.

If Donald Trump and the U.S. is so exceptional, why is Washington policy history such a banal continuum of GREED IS GOOD from the Dulles Brothers bid-net as usual servicing of client states and then just private clients right through to our present day Presidential sabotaging of U.S. Public Assets like the State Department, Labor Department, Department of Interior, Justice, Treasury, USPS, EPA, HUD, FHA, CDC, CIA, NSA add your own alphabet soup to the list…

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
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Your calculations have crossed my wires. Granted, I flunked calculus and had to redo in summer school back in the mists of time and math.

With all due respect ReconFire your “3 ways this can go” reminded me of my misspent yoot in Melonville on the far edge of the prairie being serenaded by the Lemon Twins:

Schmenge Brothers featuring the Lemon Twins (all three of them)


Time to mull this conundrum over while seeking out some cabbage rolls and Mrs Vilvayatchzke’s coffee…

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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LOL, that was a hoot, when I was a child my father had a close friend who was of Polish decent, and was always playing Polka music when we were at his house (he made awesome Polish sausage too). I don’t know enough about it to know if your link would qualify, but it sounded very similar.

Didn’t mean to “cross your wires” with that, it did come from Ryan Grims tweet inside the story.

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Ah, Establishment Democrats. I’m old enough to remember them by their old name - Right-wing Republicans.


Vell, yu know Dave, dat Polka music dahsn’t jast belong to dem Polish peoples. Vee beck in our homeland Leutonia ahn de dark side of de Balkans vee hed our own kinda Polka. Here is our disc-us-sion on vy vee retired from da Polka bid-net beck in '85. After 88 albums, in a year and a helf vee jahst hed enuff.

Good to be shmoozin vid ya, ReconFire. Like Yash Schmenge, I gotta go find myself now. I’m sho I leave myself right vere I taught I’d be.

Oh, not to vorry about my crossed vires. Dey not been uncrossed since summer of '35.

Be healthy and keep in belence
Elbow bumps a’kimbo
Strikes, Spares & Shmenges 4 Ever

Tio Mitchito
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Richie Neal isn’t just a pro at ratfucking. He’s also an expert at pay-to-play ("…but, it’s not illegal, so…"):