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Rep. Stephen King, White People and ‘Civilization’


I prefer the Mexican Jesus



Siouxrose, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t argue,“don’t blame the voters because the system is rigged against them by their capitalist overlords,” and then not blame them for being duped by those capitalist overlords.

With regard to patriarchs, do you remember that old joke: “Why does a dog lick its dick?” “Because he can.” Why do male patriarchs dominate females? Because they can. Just as Simon and Garfunkel sang: “I’d rather be a hammer than a nail,” I’d rather be the one who dominates than the one who is dominated.

When humans invented agriculture, human civilizations became patriarchal because this had survival value. Before the invention of agriculture, humans were hunters and gatherers and there was sexual equality because females contributed to the food supply. But there was a division of labor: males hunted because nursing females and females with small children would have made poor hunters, so the females gathered. In an agrarian society, the patriarch owned the land that was worked by the children. The role of women was to reproduce (as one female ancient historian said: “women were brood bitches”), to provide the children to work the land and inherit the land from the patriarch.


And let us not forget that the Haudenasaunee Peoples and their form of democracy, their Great Law. The founding fathers spent considerable time with the Sachems learning how their confederacy had thrived for hundreds if not thousands of years before the Pilgrims landed. In 1992 the U.S. Congress officially gave credit for contributing to the United States’ form of government. For the People, By the People, and Of the People is still one of the founding tenets of the Haudenasaunee. Concensus and representation from all the people afforded the original five and current six nations of the confederacy continued strength and endurance. This man and those like him are the exact reason that, even in this day and age, we as Indigenous Peoples are still struggling to achieve equality, equity, and the basic rights to decide how our resources are used and help lead this world out of the mess we are all in. A world that you mention that is now on the precipice of disaster due to the colonial economic system - one that is rooted in extreme extraction and consumerism. The lauded Paris Agreement and the Clean Power Plan are capitalistic, market driven false solutions to climate change. But no one really wants to hear the truth - the truth that is buried beneath warm and fuzzy promises and assurances that ‘they’ are handling it. The truth is buried by the use of purposely vague language and so far within the text of these agreements and documents that only those of us who have been tasked with trying to keep up with their lies and deceptive tactics will ever find them - will ever have the time or inclination to look for… Just wanted to make sure that along with the author’s extensive history lesson that we don’t forget - our ancestors were NOT savages, they knew that their lives and the lives of future generations depended on them adhering to Natural Law and that there was a delicate balance that needed to be respected … because when it wasn’t bad things happened. Thank you.


You are incorrect about civilizations that “invented” agriculture. Many Indigenous Peoples who practice agriculture are still matriarchal. And WOW women’s role was as a brood bitch… yeah that was a really misogynistic statement… and really untrue… it is true however that this is the opinion of the white or non-indigenous males.


Historically it is thought that defined gender roles emerged with the development of agrarian economic models. As you correctly note, though, patriarchal or matriarchal social structures are just as apt to have developed in those contexts.


Since the same message is repeated here daily by a legion of screen names, there are 2 possibilities:

  1. You’re all clones who just so happen to share the same herd-mind/group think
  2. Someone is distributing Talking Points that do the following:

A. If the subject is the way Big Oil has covered up the truth about climate change/global warming, turn the matter onto consumers and the fact they are driving cars.

B. If the subject is corporate malfeasance, turn the matter onto consumers who use their products.

C. If the subject is government deception, unlawful behavior, and other calamitous actions, turn the problem into that of who voters voted for (regardless of the fact that every aspect of today’s major elections are controlled.)

D. If the subject is police violence, turn the matter into individual gun ownership as a right; or otherwise blame human nature and all those stupid human beings.

The general theme is to blame voters/consumers/Americans/us/we… exclusively and daily and in that way take the spotlight off the REAL actors and AUTHORS of the doctrines of deception and deadly outcomes.

So… “if the shoe fits,” sure.


I have countered this erroneous talking point and COMPLETE mischaracterization of my position on COUNTLESS prior occasions. (I also know you’ve posted under other screen names.)

The problem is that many posters here, either being trained by one branch of the armed forces, still in the military, and/or conditioned by it long ago CAN ONLY SEE 2 sides of any issue.

Therefore, when I point out all of the machinations that turn the average citizen/voter into a nonentity (I guess you missed the results of the Page and Gilens Study), you turn that around into my advocating for ZERO responsibility.

How many friggin times have I spoken in terms of the existing hierarchy; and that given that hierarchy of power, privilege, access, agency, and influence… people are HELD (to account and/or act) at their level of possible input.

The head of Exxon, a super-delegate, a reporter with a TV platform have FAR more influence than does the average Jane or Joe.

I am going to see if I can find the link to a radio show I heard earlier today which was aired about a month ago. It explains what the gerrymandering actually means and that it makes it almost impossible for anyone other than a right wing Republican to be elected to a state Senate or Congressional position.

This is as deliberately a dishonest mechanism for granting policy control to Republicans as was the DLC’s election charade that pushed Sanders out of the ring when he had the crowds cheering. When high level cheating scams determine voter outcomes, voters cannot be held accountable.

Many of you clones argue that citizens aren’t doing anything when the truth is, thousands and thousands of citizens ARE doing plenty. There are also MANY fronts where injustice is running rampant. The media hardly covers their efforts.

So when citizens DO organize and DO act up, you say it doesn’t exist. And when I explain the relative levels of power and influence, you pretend that’s all meaningless. Occasionally some of you adopt MY major observations; but you state them as if merely stating them does them justice. And then you return to your automatic talking points.

Here. Educate yourselves:



You are an idiot.

The truth is, my commentary is so over your head (largely because it doesn’t fit into a neat black or white category) that you can’t follow it.

And frankly, the same goes for Kakistocrat. He says he doesn’t agree with me on this matter. He doesn’t even understand my position on it… so how the f–k could he agree?

Like I said some time ago, the only thing honest about your comments is your screen name. Goof… indeed.


So this is how you conduct a discussion with those who disagree with you. Thin-skinned, paranoid, grandiose in your delusions of superiority and verbally assaultive, so much for the actual content of any argument you might put forth. Live long and prosper in your eternal victimhood.


Correct, mrsannhitts.

My guess is Representative King is a large fundraiser for the Republican Party and himself, and the Democrats can use him to scare donations out of their donors. He is popular, unfortunately, in NW Iowa. Would love to see the Democrats field and support an opposing candidate out there, but both parties are content with this fundraising buffoon.


For those who’ve read “Mein Kampf”, this is all too creepily familiar-sounding. Hitler rants on in his magnum opus about how white people–Aryans, in his terminology–are “culture creators or founders” while non-white persons supposedly fall into the category of “culture bearers or transmitters” who merely make use of culture created by “Aryans” and Jews fall into the category of “culture destroyers”. For rep. King to say that the important cultural innovations have come from Europe and post-Columbian North America–where the white people were in charge–is firstly an absurdity (European science, mathematics, and technology built on Asian and African discoveries, which have continued alongside Euro-American advancements up to the present, and Europe was largely a cultural backwater for much of human history) and secondly bears a dangerous affinity with mid-twentieth-century genocidal fascism. Modern conservatism seems to be veering dangerously close to the conservatism of the inter-war years as memories of that detestable movement grow dim.