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Repeal Obamacare? GOP Should Be Careful What They Wish For


Repeal Obamacare? GOP Should Be Careful What They Wish For

Wendell Potter

For years, Republicans have been condemning Obamacare and vowing to repeal and replace it. Now that they’ll soon be able to do that, they’re like the dog that caught the car: Now what?


To which I respond, then create a society in which everyone can financially afford "individual responsibility!" It's a simple mandate. There is one catch though, it cannot be done under capitalism. Ever!


As far as I can decipher, most healthcare ideas have been exhausted, except Medicare For All, like the majority of the developed world. Hard to implement in a vulture capitalist nation.
Healthcare is a human right, treat it as such.


The biggest obstacle we face is Misinformation. When talk radio (thousands of channels) Fox News and internet sites continue to lie about the ACA with death panels and Govt. run BS it scares people. Sadly, people do not research these issues themselves. Since we cannot stop the lies and propaganda we NEED to find a way to get the truth and facts out.
I never heard Hillary or Sanders simple state the fact that the government is NOT the provider of the care. We still have a private delivery system. It is NOT a Govt. takeover. Say it over and over and over until it sinks in. Learn from Goebells "whoever controls the message will control the people".


Another lie- exposed before he got into office. What a surprise for the masses.


That's right just like voting is a right.


The same crowd who says people get paid too much in the Us, outsources jobs, and eliminates pensions talks about individual responsibity -give me a break.


Exactly. I would like for the capitalist elites to explain to me, in detail, how stealing the profits generated through the physical and mental labor of the working class is "individual responsibility."

I'll take notes. :smirk:



No - with the cost of healthcare, only very rich folks can "afford" individual responsibility - Medicare is a social contract - that is the idea we need to cultivate in this age of individualism - in this "I" age ...