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Repeat Oil Spills Turning Peruvian Amazon into 'Sacrifice Zone' for Big Oil



A crime-unforgivable crime-against Mother Earth and the indigenous people. The destruction of the Amazon parallels the destruction of her indigenes and, the absurdity, is that the West is doing this at its own peril and dragging the rest of us to extinction.


And how much coverage is the US media giving this, or any other environmental issues? Virtually none, of course. They're too busy babbling endlessly about the two soap operas known as Brexit and the Trump & Hillary Show.


16000sq metres ie say 40 by 400m metres. Is that all? Or is there a mistake in the units given?


This is fucked up, people. This is the same sort of thing that has been happening in Nigeria for decades and who cares? Nigeria should be a wealthy country and its people are among the worst off in the world. We could replace fossil fuels in 20 years if we had the will and if we quit bowing down to the rich fossil fuel assholes who want to rule the world. If we lose the Amazon we lose our air...don't you get it?