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Repeating His Own 'Mistake,' Obama to Send More Troops to Syria



The USA has no legal right to send troops to Syria without the permission of the Syrian Government.


Humanitarian aid. Eat your heart out, Orwell.


Don't know about that, the UN gave the green light to fighting ISIS and that is what the Coalition and allies are doing. Nobody is going to go or required to go and ask the tinpot dictator Assad for his approval.

It is funny how the Assad-Russia-Iran axis pulls out the legality card when it suits them and hides it when it doesn't! Russian aircraft threatening NATO planes and warships with highly dangerous close-in manoeuvres, while they are legally traversing international airspace and waters, barrel-bombing civilians in Syria and 'disappearing' opponents and regime prisoners, etc, never a word about 'legality' when the Axis powers are driving a coach and horses through it.

If we want to defeat ISIS, it will need boots on the ground. If all the leading players are too windy to do it, then it will need locally-recruited forces. The deployment of 250 troops is hardly a big event or a big number to tackle a sizeable military problem, which the world just has to tackle and keeps mouthing off about how necessary it is.

It is all very well to sit behind your PC expounding pacifist, anti-war and isolationist doctrines, as Seymour Hersh does. There are 5 million Syrian refugees driven out of their country, over 1 million people living under the horrors of ISIS rule, thousands of families worldwide grieving the loss of innocents killed by ISIS bombings and massacres in the West, Arabia, Africa, India, the Phillipines, etc. That is enough for most people to determine that action is overdue and shake their heads at Pres Obama's slowness and reluctance to act in any meaningful way.

The issue is not whether action makes the USA, West and assorted allies more or less popular around the globe, it is about the obvious need to finish off ISIS militarily as soon as and handle the inevitable retaliatory attacks with determination and full security resources. Any other course leaves this sore to fester and grow over the years to come.


To the Nobel Committee: Please rescind your totally undeserved "Peace Prize" given to this poser - unless you're too damn embarrassed by your stupidity!

That said, this president has arguably been the worst in recent memory in decision-making, integrity, corporate/banker/Wall Street servitude, environmental & wildlife ignoramus, and political coward (this is questionable given he likely did exactly what he wanted, it only seemed he was betraying the progressive/Democratic base). I have little but contempt for Obama and even less for his likely successor, the Queen B of the Universe, HRC! The corrupt Democratic Party establishment DNC, DLC is complicit to all the failures and lies as they are solidly behind the Red Queen and other political whores........there is a political revolution building, even given all the Kool Aid drinker sheep and un-informed masses, but every day more are seeing the con and how the game affects them and their families to enrich the few!

"Both the leading candidates for president – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – have companies registered at 1209 North Orange, and have refused to explain why".
"Clinton, who has repeatedly promised that as president she will crack down on “outrageous tax havens and loopholes that super-rich people across the world are exploiting in Panama and elsewhere”, collected more than $16m in public speaking fees and book royalties in 2014 through the doors of 1209, according to the Clintons’ tax return."


O'Bomber just can't give it up on getting Assad. Even if it means getting us into a Nuclear war with Russia and China. Seems to me the Clear and Present Danger isn't Russia or China. No it's President O'Bomber putting more U.S. troops into Syria. Which is illegal by international law. It also makes the U.S. the biggest threat to world peace and a clear and present danger.


Obama did not send the troops; like all quislings, he was only following his orders. What a mess!


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This program covers a lot. Cripes might want to watch it but he is probably a State Department sub-contractor. Enjoy.


Peace Po


Wars are Inhumanitarian aid. If there's no such word, there should be just like inhumane.


Obama is very much like Clinton. Making the same mistakes & not caring about the results. They're also like GW Bush & his father. When Obama's & Clinton's war in Libya started, there was a cartoon by Clay Bennett in the Chicago Tribune. Obama got a face transplant & looked just like GW Bush.


Meaning Assad?


Good Lord Almighty! 250 soldiers! Wow! It's a wave!




A legitimate government of sorts, eh?


They were elected to power. Unlike the Saudis as example.

Now just because a Government not elected to power it does not give the USA the right to attack them. Are you suggesting Russia can attack Saudi Arabia?

The Government of Assad is recognized as the legitmate Government of that Country. The last elections just held had 73 percent turnout even as a Civil war goes on. This a higher turn out than the USA gets in its elections.This turnout was confirmed by international monitoring agencies just as it was confirmed that the support for joining Russia in the Crimea was over 80 percent.

Just as it was true that Chavez was elected to power and had the support of the majority of the people in that country.

The popularity of Assad actually has gone up since the start of the Civilw ar. The majority of the people in Syria feel the US and Western nations behind the civil war. indeed many of those so called "moderate rebels' the US arms are foreigners coming from Turkey, Libya and Chechnya.

In short it up to the Syrian people to decide on their Governmnet and not the United States of America.


As were nuclear-armed SAC B52s flying to the borders of the USSR every day during much of the First Clod War and as the USA is doing now in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Ukraine during the Second Clod War. The Great Powers have to play their little games to keep their Generals happy.


Moral comparatives never work, moral phil 101. Whether the USA or anyone else is better (doubtful) or worse (probably) then the Axis powers at hiding behind legality arguments when it suits them doesn't change the substantive point one bit: the Axis mob do this habitually and daily.

In Syria, they daily bomb the opposition areas, despite a ceasefire, claiming they are fighting 'terrorists', in areas where there are no known terrorists. They are of course trying to rub out the opposition, as Assad doesn't like opponents. They pretend what they are doing is legal, when it decidedly isn't.

Barrel-bombing and shelling civilian areas is illegal and a war crime under GC4, but they do it every day under one pretext or another.

There are 20,000 political prisoners in the regime jails, nearly all are beaten and tortured and hundreds, maybe thousands, have been disappeared by Assad's merry men, again a war crime on a grand scale, but again no mention of legality creeps into the narrative.

Assad's men are blocking vital UN supplies to besieged towns and removing all medicines, but claiming publicly that the opposition is doing so - even though the opposition doesn't have any towns under siege.

And so on. The point being that the Axis lecturing about 'legality' is a joke really, a bit of self-serving propaganda aimed at the gullible and 'useful idiots' around the globe to mask their dirty deeds.

On balance, I think I'll decline the kind offer to get with your 'program', as it seems to be biased and intellectually somewhat lopsided.


A very Russian response to any criticism of its heavy-handed 'diplomacy' - attack the critics as 'whiners', imperialist jingoists who fail to recognise the might and power of the great blossoming Motherland!

(It is actually just about broke financially and the fridges are bare).

The point about the Baltic is that all navies, warships, airliners and military aircraft are legally entitled to traverse the international sea lanes and airways without let or hindrance, thus says international law. It doesn't matter a jot if they are training or doing exercises, that's what navies and airforces are paid to do in peacetime. Russia has no business making dangerous passes at warships and transport aircraft, the Baltic is not Russian territory and it has no special rights there.

What it is doing is aimed at the Baltic republics, which are NATO members. They can only be reached via the Baltic or by a narrow land route between Kaliningrad (Russian) and Belarus (Russian ally/satrap), so the Russian game is to try to isolate them from the West. The reason why is that Putin has designs on these countries, has already downed government IT in Estonia with repeated cyber attacks, kidnapped one of its intelligence agents, set up Kremlin newspapers and media in the Russian-speaking area of Latvia, which of course incite Latvians daily, invested a lot of money in both countries buying up strategic plums, made territorial claims against eastern Estonia and Latvia and so on.

It all follows the same Russian destabilisation programme seen in Donetsk and has the sane purpose, to prepare the way for Russian acquisition of some neighbour's land and wealth by military means.

NATO will of course continue to exercise its military in the Baltic and Baltic republics and reinforce the latter as necessary, so all Russia's aggressive air antics will change nothing. Inevitably there will be a mid- air collision or worse, as happened when a Chinese plane misjudged its run at a US intelligence aircraft in the South China Sea, hit it and crashed into the sea, killing the pilot.

Before it happens in the Baltic or Black Sea, let's be clear that it is Russia that is acting entirely illegally and responsible for its own actions. I would not bank on Western 'cowardice' if I were you, it would be an idea to buy a tin helmet if you live in that neck of the woods.


Yes indeed Carol, I couldn't agree more. Now you will give the same message to the leaderships in Russia and China, which are both spending a very large, indeed disproportionate, portion of their budgets on building and selling armaments and enlarging their militaries considerably, won't you? :wink: