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Report Blames Trump Admin for 330% Rise in Afghan Civilian Casualties

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/07/report-blames-trump-admin-330-rise-afghan-civilian-casualties


Most Americans do not know about our ongoing wars, disasterous killing of civilians, bombing communities. How could we know, lamestreet media and cable do not talk about it, does not show us the killings and communities destroyed, great cities from 1000’s of years of history leveled by the military.


It is Pearl Harbor Day.
The virus was released exactly one year ago in the Chicago region. A neighbor who works secutity gate at the big box contractor gate reports she had this mid December 2019.

This is kissingers fast war, sent to China. They caught on and returned to us.
Our civilian deaths will far exceed those suffered in Afghanistan.

This report is all over the place. Includes Afghan air power used. Headline says 330% and article reports “a nearly 95% increase.”

Primary is using drones operated by a joy stick person in Nevada. A two dimensional screen to identify a taliban soldier? Up the ante to improve negotiating? It did not work in Viet Nam negotiations and will not work now. Who ever sold trump on this stupid idea needs Gitmo.

The Afghan Air Force apparently needs a bit more training too. It ain’t cool to injure or kill your own people…

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You are exactly right & all of that must change!
We are all over the world killing people. Our Defense (War) Dept budget is OBSCENE! Bigger than the next 5 Countries combined.
Because of the obscene amount our gov’t spends on killing people in other countries, we have not funded the things we need to, for a very long time. There is so much that our tax dollars would be betfer spent on! Other nations, not hellbent on killing other people all the time, are doing far better than we are for their own people & their economy. We can’t live well & prosper by killing everyone else & that being our priority. War has never been the 1st answer – it is the last resort for wise leaders. We used to know that.
We generally, aren’t even aware of the death & destruction we cause daily all over the world. We’d better get aware, cuz’ we will reap what we sow & it will shock the shit out of us when it happens! Our Defense Dept. makes war elsewhere to the tune of trillions of dollars every year, killing civilians like no one else, in places where we have no business being & they keep it all secret. Judging from the over-bloated & ever-increasing budget of our War Dept, sucking away all the tax dollars WE NEED here at home, we are world killers ~ not leaders at all. Drastic cuts in our killing machines are necessary - NOW! Like all else in this Country, it is WAY out of balance. We are suffering in this Country & I don’t see either Party giving a damn about thst. Lip service is all I see & hear. I hooe we can get our priorities straight with new Administration, but GOP will fight against that, so it will take all of us insisting… & removing those who do not represent OUR best interests!
We are clawing our way back up to the cliff we fell off of…hope we make it!


But the message is “national security” which is oxymoron as we create more terrorists. The message is we are spreading democracy around the world when we don’t have it here. All a load of crap.

Where are the dems messaging or should safe pacifists and progressives and why aren’t they heard? I guess lamestreet media.

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