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Report: Carbon Dioxide Levels Are Set to Pass 400ppm—Permanently



The world's most heinous terrorists operate from positions in legislatures, executive offices both political and corporate, and corporate board rooms. Terrorizing all humanity and all life.

All of us need to assess our links to these terrorists, and act to cut off their funds and isolate them.


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The climate conversation should be directed to turn to the amount of CO2 in the air. The degrees of temperature rise is wrong in every way since it is a symptom and open to jokes about cold winters and metric measure C or F jokes. The third world is the key to this they have billions of people who have the land and knowledge to plant and grow things. The solution is measured in gigatons of new plants trees, kelp, orchards, sagebrush, sod, lichens. prairie grass or even cactus. The money comes from a security transfer tax on billionaires and trillionaires of 0.5% which would pay the planters more than they have ever been paid in history. the USA contribution would pay 2 billion farmers $1650 per year and the tax would be passed on to the hedge fund investors. 773-316-4314 terrymc2@aol.com


This is what a climate change emergency looks like. Yet to the deniers the climate is fine and dandy.


The world is run by psychopaths. What they're not saying is that the great culling of humanity is already happening. The Powers That Be think they can somehow survive it all, but they won't. Their inaction in the face of this catastrophe is in effect giving the rest of us the finger. They're saying to us, "Bring it on!"


I know I'm inviting flameage, but I have a different reaction to the CO2 level. As someone from a higher latitude rural area who eats food he grows on his own land, the rising CO2 has really been something else. Once it surpassed 350ppm, everything grew well. I haven't had a bad crop since, and we go totally organic. It was a really noticeable change. Now that we've been up around 400ppm, the food plants on our land are growing and multiplying faster than we can harvest and disposition. It has been interesting to see which species have responded more strongly. Imagine this - certain food plants have become basically invasive species, outcompeting some of the hardiest weeds on our land. Maybe I'm a numbskull and an awful person, but my high school bio teachers taught us the Krebs cycle and photosyntheis - this CO2 gas hasn't been a pollutant, in my experience, it's an airborne fertilizer.

Strangely, the same priestly caste of scientists-for-hire that spouts "Global Warming!" "Sky Falling!" also reported in their recent journals that once upon a time, according to their ice core analyses, CO2 was once 7000ppm, it was 4 degrees hotter then, and there were no deserts, because the biomass cycle was on such overdrive. These same people told us that fossil fuels are ancient atmospheric CO2 and solar flux, captured by biomass, and now converted to burnable form. The Re-Dox reaction we call burning liberates the ancient solar photons that have been bound in covalent carbon chain bonds, and puts the CO2 back into the same atmosphere that it came from. As a tree-hugger-by-necessity I do prefer that fossil fuels, when burned, be kept to a minimum, and at high temperature to maximize efficiency and keep the actual pollution down. Renewables are always preferable, of course. Gotta love wind, water, and solar, which scale nicely from 1 house up to many.

I'm in strenuous agreement with a fair amount of progressive political and social thought, but I just can't jump on the global warming sky is falling bandwagon. Every time I go looking at the root data sets, I find someone has fiddled with the temperature data to keep skewing it in the propagandist direction. Every single predictive climate model I've seen failed badly. So I don't know what to think, other than in one way or another, "the fix is in". I do know things are changing in some spots, but most places seem to be swinging within the extrema of what my decades of recollection have on file. The only days sets that pass scrutiny have been the CO2 levels, and I believe those - the results are edible. There's been long term changes for centuries and millennia. The Roman Empire Hot Spell. The Medieval Warm Period. The chilly times of the Renaissance. Ice Ages before those. Whichever. While I totally believe in minimizing impact, conservation, and just good stewardship of Spaceship Earth, I just can't flip out with the powers that be and whatever agendas they're pushing vis a vis Global Warming Climate Change.


There will be serious consequences from not being able to quickly stop the increase in CO2 and methane pollution in our atmosphere. But nothing is permanent except extinction.


I gather you don't live along the sea coast. If you did then you would be facing rising sea levels and so would those who follow for at least hundreds of years. Doesn't it bother you that it looks like south Florida will have to be abandoned at some point, perhaps even during this century? That many of the largest cities in the world are vulnerable to sea level rise including New York City, Boston, New Orleans, etc. And then there are the coming megadroughts. Try growing crops without water. And heat waves beyond anything experienced are coming. And since carbon dioxide is taken up by the oceans we now have the problem of ocean acidification. This threatens coral reefs and species such a clams and oysters. Another coming problem is that photosynthesis doesn't occur at extremely high temperatures. At some point the food supply will be severely affected. And then there is the problem of tropical diseases spreading into what are now temperate areas. This will help spread viruses such as the West Nile virus and the Zika virus. Ultimately most of the land we live on will become uninhabitable. This may be preventable but only if people recognize the urgency of the situation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions drastically.


To clarify Ray's comment: YOU are a denier, because you work tirelessly for the sold-out, pro-corporatist, pro-extractivist, war-monger candidate Hillary Clinton.


You're clueless about what is happening to the ecology under industrial assault. It's sad that you, or anyone, would post the gibberish you just posted as if you were actually attempting to communicate.

If you're not being paid for your denialism, you should apply for a stipend.


Michael Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, kept his comments brief.
“In my assessment,” he said, “it is not an overstatement to say that Donald Trump’s climate change views and policy proposals constitute an existential threat to this planet.”



Thanks for the robust retort, Lrx. You brought up points that are up for debate instead of going ad hominem; you didn't call names; good show. I'll admit I'm not within 10 meters of sea level; nor will be, if I can help it, unless my house has pontoons. (Some houses in Venice have a form of this). Prepare for a surprise that the Lamestream Media didn't think you were sophisticated enough to know about; but since you're on CD, I think you are :slight_smile:

If all claimed net ice sheet melting ceased from now until eternity, sea levels will eventually rise another 5km, conservatively. The surface waters of the earth are fed from water that is constantly exuding out of rheologic solution from the mantle through fissures in the crust. From the extant measurements by USGS and university geologists, there's still at least twice as much water still dissolved in the mantle's liquid-phase rhyolite than has made it up to the surface hydrosphere.

Out West there is a surface-water drought, but not a Primary Water drought. I'm surprised the leadership in California, of both municipal and corporate entities, aren't more hip to pulling from Primary Water, which has been known about by USGS and university geologists for just over a century. Even the co-founders of the UN well knew of it. As I mention above, Primary water exuded from the mantle is the source of the surface waters and the deep crust aquifers, and is continuously being released from rheologic solution in the upper mantle. It is well recognized in the geology community that there much more water in rheologic solution in the upper mantle than all the world's oceans. It continuously comes out of solution it comes up through "primary water fissures". By the way - this is why the oceans continually rise. Another reason I'm not persuaded about "climate change" - we still haven't managed to top the temperatures during the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods. Anyway - every time there's a big earthquake in CA, new fissures open up and primary water comes streaming up; a boon to the locals. For example, in 2014 a primary water fissure opened in Napa due to a quake, and 200,000 gallons a day have been streaming forth ever since. It was a complete surprise to the municipality that primary water even existed - no one had told them. The main hurdle for a drought-stricken municipality or corporate farm is to commission the appropriately familiar USGS and/or university geology team to share or hunt down the nearest primary water fissures based on available old data and new seismic study measurements. One of the happy side effects of the primary water as opposed to surface water (which includes what we normally call groundwater) is that it is completely unpolluted, pre-sterilized, and exceedingly mineral rich - incredibly good for people/critters/plants.

Best starting point - http://primarywaterinstitute.org/, although mainstream sources such as National Geographic, New Scientist, and others 're-discover' this natural phenomenon and re-write about it every few years.

Seminal work on the subject - "New Water for a Thirsty World", 1960, by Michael Salzman; definitive work based on hundreds of geological study papers. Forward is by Aldous Huxley, brother of UN co-founder Julian Huxley.

Having belabored that topic beyond all reason, I'll use a pretty broad brush to address your other points. All I can use for prediction is the actual temp/hum/biomass-vs-AtmoGases datapoints from the past as opposed to climate models which have unanimously failed - if you or I were consistently that wrong in our personal lives, we'd be fired and never hired again. The past temp/hum/biomass records at all CO2 levels up to their max of 7000 ppm don't bear out the doomsday predictions. It doesn't rule out apocalypse, but the only evidence I have is records that it has been there before and it was livable.

But I can see why people could get animated about all this IF seas were rising substantially faster than the natural processes and IF it was harming people and IF human action was causing it.


Actually, taking into account the other GHG's we're producing we've almost hit 500ppm (490 CO2 equivalent, and we'll be at 500 in 2-3 years). Also, while pre-industrial was 280ppm, pre-agricultural was more like 260 (see Ruddiman, good discussion on RealClimate.Org).

Anybody want to party like it's 1999?


Hi WebWalk, thanks for your thoughts. I'll refrain from insults - the vast majority of people, including you, are too worthy for that. I agree with you about industrial assault, but I'm more ticked about the corporate oligarchy and their industries having already assaulted and enslaved humanity, even having hijacked the green movement. As for any cluelessness, I'll invite the sharing of unadulterated datasets supporting your positions, and the sharing of any global warming - climate change models whose predictions didn't diverge wildly from actual outcomes after the first 12 months. I can be persuaded by evidence. It wouldn't be the first time.

Your comment about the stipend is funny, especially since we've seen "independent" GMO advocates very much on the take. And because even though I eat from the land, I make my living essentially in green power. Every year I make my designs increasingly efficient and they lead the industry in that regard. I also try to make the longest lasting and most universal designs possible, for least possible e-waste. I just don't have to buy what strikes me as science fraud for me to be a responsible steward of the earth's resources and be my brother's keeper.


That's a humorous username - wish I was brave enough to go that edgy.

Your comments on many previous articles have been sharp but poignant, with good topical engagement. I guess I'd invite more of that, if I can. Holla back?


You have to take into account the aerosols, not just the greenhouse gases. They reduce the CO2 equivalent as most reflect light.


You do realize that you are citing a temperature from the Cambrian era which was some 250 million years ago when the world's life was mainly in the seas and the land was mainly barren except for bacteriological slime. This was before the life forms we think of as life namely the flora and fauna of later ages. They started in the Cambrian and had along way to go. The average temperature of the world is estimated to have been above 7C over industrial temperatures. While that may not seem like it is a lot, a 7C rise in the world average temperature would hardly be considered livable. However like in the Cambrian era, bacteria, molds and oceanic single called life etc would probably survive. By the way they did not take reading from ice cores from 250 million years ago.

While you may be enjoying some benefit to the increase of carbon ( more likely a warmer/ longer north country growing season) in the atmosphere, ocean life is seriously threatened by warming and sadly acidification. Plankton levels have already been reduced by a third and while your plants may enjoy the added carbon, you and everyone else will not enjoy the decrease in oxygen. The Greenhouse gases that cause global warming are already causing temperatures further south (India for example) high enough to kill people. 123F is pretty hot over a prolonged period. BTW Last week temperatures of 117F were recorded in Calif. and the southwest.

It is a very parochial attitude that will say that global warming is bunk because where someone lives that they see little sign of it. Famously many years ago, a NY Post reporter once claimed that there was no global warming because it snowed in NY that winter. Such a mindset is absurd and foolishly dumbed down by choice. Meanwhile we have experienced two 'winterless winters' in succession in America where even in Alaska they did not have enough snow to run a normal Iditarod dog sled race and had to truck in snow making machine in places and move the starting location of the race by over a hundred miles (150?).

To pretend that scientists are in collusion about global warming is another absurdity but since you evidently believe that they do thi for pay...um? Who pays them and why? There are a lot of scientists btw. Moreover you must think virtually every scientist - virtually every single one is being paid off which seem like a helluva lot of money wouldn't you say?

You are one of those deniers who chooses to ignore the facts and goes around saying things that they exaggerate to support some crackpot theory. For example your Primary Water is tunavailable as it is some 300 miles beneath the surface under extraordinary pressure that renders it as a solid within rocks. You claimed it rose to the surface which is incorrect. It is not a liquid or gas nor is it ice. It is broken down by heat and pressure into components that are bound to the rocks. It is there but not as what we know as water.

Actually a better originating source for our oceans is icy comets which bring ice and thus water to us even now.


That is incorrect as I explained to you once before. There are light and dark aerosols which reflect or absorb sunlight respectively.


Anyone know what the grid in the sky of northern Michigan on June 9th was about?? We counted FOUR jets making a distinct grid with their chemtrails. And the exhaust would disperse and create a larger blanket.. god, we don't trust any of them.. Monsanto/Dow on the ground for example (now in the sky?) or our military or intelligence operations- who is f...ing with our atmosphere and why???? Anyone? STOP IT and leave our earth alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alarming!