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Report Details Brutal Cost of Climate Inaction


Report Details Brutal Cost of Climate Inaction

Shaye Wolf

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report today showing the need to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees — and the consequences if we don’t.

The warning is clear: The world’s carbon budget is nearly overspent, and we’re facing a future fraught with climate change-driven death and disease.


who will die, EVERYBODY eventually, the whole PLANET


Hi Evelyn_McMullen: historically, the Donner party in California ate some indigenous people and then later some ate each other. There was a plane crash in the past where, a soccer team I think, became cannibals too. This people in the Andes who couldn’t eat a person died, and those that survived did eat people. If this happened in a few years from now — maybe this time, the really hungry they would start with the oil CEOs and Wall St. ?


They will need a lot of spices, I’ve been told Rat is nasty tasting.


We pretty much are giant rodents, all primates including humans evolved from something like a squirrel or tree-shrew. Omnivorous, grasping, shrewd, rodentus gigantus.

Although, sometimes i look at raccoons and think, they will take over the world. Omnivorous, opposable thumbs, they can walk upright, tough smart shameless…


Hi ReconFire and LOL! Rat…not very tasty, I guess. However with Wall St, at least, maybe lots of liquor has marinated them : )