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Report Details How Mass Incarceration Is Devastating Families, Society


Report Details How Mass Incarceration Is Devastating Families, Society

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The social harms of mass incarceration spread far beyond prison walls, with families enduring direct human rights abuses and women—who are disproportionately black—bearing the brunt of the poverty and trauma associated with having a loved one locked up.


The other half of the story is the big corporations that are getting rich from mass incarceration.


So families are the collateral damage of a racially biased system of 'justice'.

Which means prisoner's kids are much more likely to get shoved into the school to prison pipeline.

Continuing the cycle for another generation.

Destroying generations of families through mass incarceration, another gift from the 'Family Values' crowd.


Why won't these articles on Mass Incarceration mention the Drug War/Private Prison Complex? The new Jim Crow that is responsible for the Black Holocaust and the disenfranchising of people with prison records from voting and finding employment?

The solution is so simple it is mind boggling:

End the Drug War and treat addiction as a medical problem, not a criminal one. The Drug War is a big toilet where we flush 25 billion/year, a fraction of which could be used to rehabilitate addicts.


Genocide for profit...


Just like police must have "perps" to justify more cops and SWAT teams and more toys/guns helos, etc, the Prison Industrial Complex must have convicts to fill their for-profit prisons. The military must also have an "enemy" and (now) perpetual war to justify trillions spent on obscene military toys, more profits for arms manufacturers, dealers to feed the Military Industrial Congressional Complex - all diverted from critical civilian needs and priorities. Everything has become a for-profit pigs at the trough cluster farce of greed and Alice in Wonderland justification for spending trillions on repression and killing at the expense of the things that make a nation truly strong - not for-profit universal health care, education, green infrastructure, environmental protections and cleaning-up the last 100 years of irresponsible pollution and nuclear threats (military and civilian)!


There a radio program carried recently on the CBC that gave a voise to the side of the people who had loved ones are family members convicted and charged with a crme. While many of these crimes were serious such as robberies sexual assaults and even murder those people are devastated psychologically by having a loved one in prison.

Many feel that the entire society , neighbors old frends and the like see them too as criminals. They have that feeling of hopelessness as well many afraid to even go out in public out of shame. There very few resources or places these people can turn to. Even members of the family might shun them and they are not considered "victims" under victims of crime legislation.

I can only imagine how that is in a society with an incarceration rate that is the highest in the world. If there 2.4 million in prison than that means there many millions more that have been in prison. if there many millions more that have been in prison there are tens of million more that are familes of the same and devastated. A society can only become dysfunctional under such conditions.