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Report Details How Skyrocketing Prescription Drug Costs Are Harming Nation's Seniors

Report Details How Skyrocketing Prescription Drug Costs Are Harming Nation's Seniors

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A new report by Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) shows how older Americans are getting hit by soaring drug prices while the pharmaceutical industry rakes in billions.

Symbacort 120 dose in Canada is $108. How much in the US?

Medicare for all would stop this trend in its tracks.


Has anyone considered a class action lawsuit against the Pharmaceutical Industry for price fixing/gouging?


Symbacort with MediCare Part D is $300 for me right now until I meet my delectable and then it will be cheaper. How much cheaper I don’t know.

Last year it was $60 with “Extra Help from MediCare” which I no longer get. Nothing changed in my situation but this year I don’t qualify for the extra help.

Since I can’t afford the $300, I just use ! “hit” at bedtime and 1 “hit” of Ventolin (albuterol) in the morning or as needed.

Anyone know of any herbal remedies that work?


And yet Medicare will not cover naturopaths and will not cover medical Pot even for those unable to tolerate conventional drugs. Now, what is wrong with this picture?


Yeah, her ilk want to drain the obtuse seniors’ Republican votes.


I’m on Medicare and my staple of generic meds except my inhalers have increased about 35% since 2011. My inhalers, because they are still patented brand names have gone from $5.00 for both(one was no pay) in '11 to $30.00 each now. An increase of 600%! Yet the CEO’s just got a big tax break and the Big Pharma corporations got an even bigger tax break with the new scam posing as “tax reform”. Where the hell is my break? My oxygen which I’m on 24/7 was free now it’s $20.00 a month. Somethings really rotten with the whole healthcare system and without firm inclusive regulations Americans will continue to pay through to nose for needed care and meds. Spineless politicians don’t give a crap about regular hardworking Americans. The system needs really stringent regulations or better yet take profit out of the calculus and socialize the whole damn system. It would be essentially free for the lower than 50% crowd.


In the 1800’s it is estimated that about 90% of people in the US used a cannabis medicine at some point in their lives. There is even an ad recently found that has the endorsing words from both Grant and Lee (are the endorsements real? They sound like it --but even if not–the “hasheesh” candy was real) Edibles are the shiz for real medical needs.


I know of a person who purchased Modaphinil online, 40 200mg pills for 35 USD. The going rate at CVS is $720.48 (for only 30–200mg pills).

My guess is re-election.

There’s a easy fix for this problem, Nationalize all Pharmaceutical Companies.
We paid for most of the research, and the greedy SOB’s deserve it.


The December GOP Inequality Exacerbation Act disguised as tax reform includes changing the consumer price index (CPI) to a “chained index” that going forward bases cost of living increases on the assumption that when prices increase, consumers do without. The CPI that provides cost of living increases on rising prices is now history. Although this change will affect working class Murkins of all ages, seniors depending upon Social Security and Medicare will be hardest hit.


No, it wouldn’t, not if medicare for all is the same as the medicare I get. I’m lucky. I still have a job. If I had to survive on medicare alone, I would see about 10 percent go to cover the medicare premiums. So, 1200 bucks a month gross leads to about 120 bucks a month in medicare premiums. Medicare only covers 80% of doctor’s expenses, and then there’s part D as well. To cover the other 20% you must enroll in a medicare supplement plan or a medicare advantage plan. To be covered 100% means paying monthly supplement plan premiums of about $200. Therefore, to be covered 100% I would have to pay, out of $1200 per month, about $320. An advantage plan has no monthly premium, but acts like a mid-level Obama-care plan, where I pay set copays for different services, up to a maximum of $4500 per year. This is NOT free health care.

In addition, tier one generic drugs have no copay, but the tiers go up to 5, where all bets are off on what a prescription will cost per month. Just today I cancelled a new prescription for a medication that would help me with a non-life-threatening ailment. My copay would have been $100 for about 1/10 ounce. Again, this is NOT free medical care.

So, unless there are some serious changes to the law, medicare for all would be seriously flawed and still place lower income Americans at serious risk of bankruptcy or having to trade health for food or shelter.

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Here in Canada the Liberals are expected to introduce a National Pharmacare program for prescription drugs modeled on the existing health care program. They liikely will not launch it until the next Election campaign cycle keeping that as part of their platform to ensure they get votes. While I think this should have been done a long time ago, I am hopeful that this gets done.

Once the people get a feel for how well these programs work they are hard for a new Government to get rid of.

One of the things I found troubling in the USA is the way they view hardship. That is rather then understanding a senior might have little to no income while at the same time having savings they might have spent their entire life putting away, a number of the States down there will not provide extra help until those savings are exhausted. I really think this cruel. All of that extra stress wondering just how long those savings will last are just another thing that compounds ill health. This treated with more drugs no doubt which exhausts those savings yet faster.

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Claire McCaskill? She never saw a corporate dollar she wouldn’t betray her constituents for.

Stop with the reasonable suggestions, would ya.

We don’t want the medicare for all that you are describing.

Millions of us want to improve medicare as we provide it for every citizen. Pharmaceutical prices are one of the first issues to be addressed.

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We know what she is. We must rid ourselves of Claire McCaskill.

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