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Report Details 'Staggering' Number of Attacks on US Journalists, Press Freedoms in 2020

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/14/report-details-staggering-number-attacks-us-journalists-press-freedoms-2020

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Crimes against journalists become more prolific each year:


The report further notes that, while many saw their charges dropped, at least 16 journalists—including 10 freelancers—are still facing legal “long-term legal trouble.”

There are more than 32,000 full time journalists and more than 90,000 self-described journalists in the US. 1/100th of 1% are facing “long-term legal trouble”.

117 arrests - with the vast majority being “catch and release”. Hardly “staggering” or “devastating”. Journalists are perhaps the most self-privileged among us.