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Report Exposes 'Revolving Door' Within Corporate-Dominated TTIP Talks


Report Exposes 'Revolving Door' Within Corporate-Dominated TTIP Talks

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As European delegates met with stakeholders in Brussels Wednesday to discuss the details of a massive, pending trade deal between the U.S. and Europe, a new report highlights the revolving door that exists between negotiators of the deal and the industries expected to profit from it.


Well that just goes to show that no matter what the People have to say, their voices will be blandly ignored by those running the show, and their sycophant enablers and supporters just looking for the opportunity to be one of the top dogs…or to be seen in their company.


Will politicians end their revolving door? If not, who can?


This is shocking. Oh, wait. This has always been the state of affairs in politics. The US has simply taken it to a new level.


How many thousand of watchdog groups are there? Sierra Club which I just rejoined as I love Won and on and on. So many more whose petitions I have signed to stop this and that. Now my email box is filled with requests for money to stop this and that and politicians needing money, the ones I’ve given to in the past because I will not give to democrat party or association. Common Dreams is having problems and is asking for monies as many organization who needs funds to operate.

We liberal, progressive, environmentalists, independents, democrats, greens, working party don’t all agree on everything but we need to come together as a community. Me as an individual can post, sign petition, email my reps, not shop at Walmart, not have more than 2 children, et al. but I’ve been doing that since 1999 and worked on environmental issues in 60’s an 70’s and we made great strides and now corporate thugs are back and destroying the earth since Reagan gave them a free hand to do so. .
We need all the progressive radio people to come together for we the people. We need the young to stand up like we did in the 60’s. We need another Rachel Carson and FDR. Is that Bernie?
United we stand, divided we fall.