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Report Finds Sexual Harassment Is Prevalent at DOJ, with Little Accountability for Those Accused


Report Finds Sexual Harassment Is Prevalent at DOJ, with Little Accountability for Those Accused

Julia Conley, staff writer

Even in cases involving potential criminal assault, the DOJ has failed to hold those accused of sexual misconduct accountable


Of course, laws and policies are for unimportant people.

Bastards! All of them.


Justice will catch up with them.

If not in this world, surely in the next.


What can we expect from a government and DOJ that names its top law enforcement headquarters after a racist and very sick, twisted man - J. Edgar Hoover?


"Report Finds Sexual Harassment Is Prevalent at DOJ …"
Imagine that, crime is prevalent at the department of justice – sounds to me like the DOJ is an oxymo-Ron (and definitely filled with them)!


I wish I could believe in divine justice, but it always seemed to me to be a scam cooked up by the ruling classes. Would anyone who truly believed they’d get their comeuppance on the other side behave as these narcissistic sociopaths do?

I’d much prefer to see justice meted out in the here and now, thanks very much.


Unfortunately my friend, those who have their “comeuppance” coming, are not Christians even though they may claim to be.

They worship another God.



DOJ is just representative of a really strong jock stench of a boy’s club in the government that has glided effortlessly above being affected by the social changes of the last 40 years. And their are of course other similar departments.
What’s interesting about the U.S. federal government is how in general it has kept it’self isolated. All the way to the houses of Congress, their lavish comps, etc.
Any time you get a bunch of lawyers together it’s going to get MALE, for lack of a better word. Or “macho” as would have been said decades ago. Attorneys are among the worst at working at internal change, they generally are not required to. They have taken the commitment to THINKING in the unnatural thought pattern of the Law and that’s all that matters in a way. The rest (treating people equitably) goes by the wayside. They often actually work alone. There is no pressing need for them to think about much else. Not excusing them, the tendency is to be sort of a “karma hog,” Not even so much about money. It’s about THEIR OWN stage, and if a woman rocks it, they are often too primitive to even think about it.


Justice delayed is justice denied. The panacea of religious platitudes holds no purpose in governmental considerations.