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Report from Chicago: Dyett Hunger Strike Ends


Report from Chicago: Dyett Hunger Strike Ends

Michelle Gunderson

The hunger strike for Dyett High School ended Saturday morning on day 34.

Once again I headed to the south side to be with my friends and fellow education fighters known as the Dyett Twelve. Education activists had been told that the hunger strikers would have an announcement this morning, and many of us converged at the Rainbow Push Coalition broadcast to be there in support.


If the hunger strike ended, I wish this article could have told us what the results were and why it ended.
My general comments about the strike I posted on the top article in "Today's News" so I won't repeat it here.


I hear you. According to the Chicago Trib, the school will reopen as an arts based open enrollment school,which is a win and a loss. The community wants a green technology curriculum and got an arts-based curriculum instead. The battle will continue over the curriculum, but the school will re-open, which is a first and something to celebrate.

In most places, district school boards are elected, not so in Chicago. The strikers are joining with other community organizations who have been calling for an elected school board. I wish them luck. Direct action and civil disobedience seem to be the only tools in the public's toolbox that work anymore.