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Report: GOP Senate Plan Would 'Gouge Poor People' With Even Deeper Medicaid Cuts


Report: GOP Senate Plan Would 'Gouge Poor People' With Even Deeper Medicaid Cuts

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Further indicating their willingness to "gouge poor people," Senate Republicans are reportedly considering even deeper cuts to Medicaid than those proposed by the House version of Trumpcare, which amounted to around $800 billion over ten years.


Wow, not even a suggestion of Humanity.

Here’s the story Mitch.

You can either fund a 10 yr War for a Trillion $$$
You can fund 10 yrs of Humanitarian Health Care for a Trillion $$$

Not both…What is you Choice?

What does it profit a man to gain the world but loose his soul?

Choose wisely ??? Or you’re gonna Pay. And your invoice ain’t coming from us.

You remember “What goes Around, Comes Around”


The level of depravity and contempt for the lives of others by the trump regime and its masters we are witnessing today is beyond all bounds of decency. If there is any justice they all will surely reap the whirlwind, and may it be fierce and soon…


Given our shenanigans in Syria, justice just may arrive in the form of nuclear extinction. We have become Sodom and Gemorrah, a country devoid of morality and praying to gods of greed and depravity. I do admit, however, that I too would be very much tempted to look back before becoming a mere pile of ash. Yet, there is still so much good in this world. Sigh.


Greedy Old Pricks!


They have sold their souls to the denizens of the nether regions. They and their kin will pay dearly one way or another for the widespread cruelty and outright destruction of Americans’ well-being and lives. And they call themselves ‘senators.’ James Madison would take exception with and be appalled by the actions of these pirates: James Madison, paraphrasing Edmund Randolph, explained in his notes that the Senate’s role was **"first to protect the people against their rulers [and] secondly to protect the people against the transient impressions into which they themselves might be led."**_


The republicans have been pursuing this immoral agenda since way before Trumpo. The republicans are not longer a political party, but a demon possessed death cult dedicate to spreading death and misery to wherever possible.


Here are the thirteen men who sit on the national death panel:

Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
Sen. John Cornyn of Texas
Sen. John Thune of South Dakota
Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming
Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee
Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming
Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah
Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas
Sen. Mike Lee of Utah
Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas
Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado
Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio
Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania

I feel like singing “Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest / Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum,” but it’s thirteen at the table.


Just have your disabled relatives or friends wheeled out into the streets and roadways, and demand they be arrested and locked up. All over the good ol’ U.S. of A.
That’ll keep the Police State busy, for awhile.
Criminals like Aaron Roof and Bernie Madoff get better healthcare than this abominable bill affords 25-30 million working poor and their children.
It’s cost-shifting to the states that try to care for their citizens. " If you don’t care, you don’t pay ".


really, the word “mean” doesn’t do these sociopaths justice. maybe we should start referring to these monstrosities by what they’ll actually do: murder.

These are “murderous” bills.

Ready to invoke the right to self-defense yet?


That one is straight to the point at hand


We will all pay because of these asswipes, good and bad alike. Anyone thinking differently, don’t bogart that joint!


McConnell’s true color shining through. I think it is yellow…the coward.


Any up for reelection in 2018? I bet not. Scummy.


The States could simply start providing more money to keep Medicaid going. The “Blue” coastal states could likely handle the cost if their citizens are willing to pay higher taxes to make up the difference when the feds stop paying their portion of Medicaid costs. I wonder too if Medicaid could be considered a “charity” with tax deductible benefits for those who donate. So Medicaid eventually becomes a state responsibility instead of a federal responsibility. There are some interesting aspects to this. Similar to how Tommy Douglas in Canada created the Canadian single payer system by starting it in a Canadian province (similar to one of our states).


As in stand our ground?


I suggest an airport tax on those coming from red states.


And the Clinton Corporate Senate Democrats just say ow how terrible it is what these republicans do.What are these democrats doing to stop the republicans-NOTHING!

So much for working together----just look at the ads being run in the Georgia race-----how many times do democrats bend over?

I support Medicaid for all —but I’m sure that’s a reach for these a-hole bought and paid for democrats. But lets just say they came out on a unified front and supported Medicare for people above 50(one thing is clear the corrupt insurance industry do not want to cover people over 50).Democrats DO SOMETHING—And doing this you corporate democrats are still bowing to your pay MASTERS!

The number one issue needs to be stopping the pay offs to politicians-----demand that the media start calling out what is really happening with these politicians



They hate the poor, they hate labor, they hate rules for them, after all they are privileged, the wealthy, the few.
This is the finishing touches on an all out attack by the neo-liberal establishment that as been going on for 40 years to even the score for the advances that the middle class and the poor made through the forties, fifties, and sixties. They are I am afraid, not taking any prisoners.
Good luck my fellow working class men and women.
Remember my friends, they hate us because we exist, the working poor and they have to look at us everyday, from the windows of their limousines, penthouses, mansions and jets and we are destroying their view.

Oh, Mitch, his your wives family still running cocaine out of South America?


Well, that’s one of the reasons sited for not going to a Single Payer System. People will come here from Mormon- dominated states with their polygamy, sexual deviancy and 15 children, then rip off the Food Programs, Childcare Programs, occupy all federal lands, poach, steal and basically loot anything that isn’t nailed down. That’s their history and calling card. Warren Jeifs & Co., anyone?
Allowing Mormons access to good, well thought out programs is akin to allowing Ted Nugent to date your 15 year old daughter. You’re crossing your fingers, she’s crossing her legs and everyone is praying for a happy outcome; well, that ain’t much of a nail to hang her future on. If you catch the drift. Just sayin’.