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Report Highlights the Obscene Price of NFL's Paid Patriotism


Report Highlights the Obscene Price of NFL's Paid Patriotism

Les Carpenter

ho would have known many of those smiling soldiers on the football stadium scoreboard, the ones home from war, were for sale? The stadium announcers never said this as they demanded fans stand and applaud the waving men on the screen. Somehow they forget to mention that the defense department has sold these soldiers’ names and stories and plights for the fiction that this tender moment came without a check written to the home team.


The military industrial complex (MIC) has been Murka's largest corporate welfare program for at least the past half century. This example of paid patriotism is a small piece of that huge pie.


Thanks. Good comment... you beat me to the (same) punch.

I feel the same way about American airlines with their mandatory homage to "our troops."

The merging of military acts, uniforms, philosophy, and presence into so many arteries of civilian life, mass media, and culture is a means of normalizing the Military State. And it's always true that a military state allots slim to no Democracy (to its civilian population) in any genuine sense of the term.

WE are not all military fans, neither fans of football. And to the extent that those who identify with dominating others (through machismo shows of force, and/or weaponry... although one could argue that market dynamics are another form of that same show of dominance done in a less apparently aggressive fashion) get to speak for all under the banner of one uniform "WE," dissent is lost along with visible alternatives to the deadly paradigm that Mars rules (with lots of help from those who love money, a/k/a mammon) built.

When its mores purport to stand for all, domination by stealth (and more obvious means) becomes normalized.


Just more proof that the brainwashing of the American public never ends. Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.


In patriarchal societies where everyone has a rank, individuals are forced to compete. For males, part of that competitive necessity is based on proving "manhood," itself... since few things are more insulting to men than being compared with women or allotted feminine traits.

Many men fight over being called "a fag" or a "sissy."

Football, being such a macho sport and so full of naked brute force, is the perfect segue-way into inculcating (into any spectator crowd's group-think) a homage to militarism.

And while some women do go to games (mostly to win approval from their uncles, fathers, brothers, and boyfriends), the game is played by men and its context is that of masculinity demonstrating discernible (forms of) domination.

To use the frame that the brainwashing of the American public never ends, is to miss the particular fact that this form of brainwashing ignites the "reptilian" part of the brain, the part linked to masculine conquest (and proof, thereof) in particular.


Very well said. I remember once that the comment was made by some jock, that if they make anymore NFL rules to protect the NFL quarterbacks maybe it is time that the quarterbacks.... wore skirts.


These " tributes " were always rather annoying. " Over the top " is putting it mildly. Again and again, though, pushing the connection between war and football has been pretty well established. It's not even an insinuation at this stage. WE GET IT! But look at Bushytail, OBombAll, Cheney, Clinton; " chickenhawk " and chickenshxt, all. As for " skirts", lots of men wear kilts all year 'round here in Portland. They have pleats and really spiffy plaid patterns, too. :sunglasses: The Highlander games have " skirted " or kilt requirements, too. There are many football, rugby, soccer and other primarily male dominated ( not so much anymore ) athletes in national sports, who aren't volunteering for anything but a chance at a nice paycheck. They'd rather eat with a concussion than not eat at all. Which seems to be a strong trend. And, it was Margaret Mead who asked, " What the heck do we do with these damn " ballers ", anyway. " I'm sure that was the quote. And, to paraphrase Mr. Freud, " Sometimes a good football game is just a game, too ". I'm sure that was the quote. But I'm very glad they're giving the money back. Now, Sens. Flake and McCain, " Do you know where the $2 Trillion dollars that's gone missing from the DoD over the last 2 decades, is? "


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This article, while very good, is missing the other half of the socialist subsidies for the NFL. The fact that the NFL is a tax free non-profit organization and that most tax payers pay for their stadiums is the other half.

I want to start a business and have my plant built by the taxpayer and be tax free. Perhaps I'll get into the "god" business.


Same thing here. I live in Chicago where there is a tradition at our hockey team's games of cheering during the anthem. They trot out a current and a former member of the military to stand next to the vocalist with the volume of the crowd increasing at each segment of the song ---- Oh say can you see (loud) ... and the rockets red glare (louder) ... oh say does that star spangled (deafening). When that first started I thought it was kind of irreverent, but the NHL All-Star game was in Chicago right around the time of the first invasion of Iraq in the winter of 1991 and the crowd was at a fever pitch during the anthem and it became just this outpouring of patriotic fervor. From then on whenever I went to a game I simply went to the concession stands during the anthem, or I stood silently holding up the two fingered peace sign (figuring that the one-fingered salute I felt like giving would get me a beat-down). It's tough being a commie-pinko, pacifist sports fan.


I also wonder what percentage of the crowd understands the irony of a patriotic salute to the military and the nation while wearing a jersey emblazoned with a large Indian head logo supposedly representing Chief Blackhawk who, if I remember correctly, had some not so nice things to say about the white folks who took over his people's land.