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Report: ICE Spied on Anti-Trump Activists in NYC


Report: ICE Spied on Anti-Trump Activists in NYC

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

An explosive report from The Nation magazine Wednesday morning showed the federal government spied on progressive activists in New York City.

Emails from February, July, and August 2018 between agents in the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) wing of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) obtained by reporter Jimmy Tobias show a surveillance operation targeted at protests against President Donald Trump's administration and immigration policies in the city.


If the report deemed “explosive” then the Obama administrations spying on the Occupy movement was just as explosive.

What has to be recognized is this not a TRUMP thing or a OBAMA thing. This is a Government thing. Federal agencies have been spying non stop on union leaders, peace activists, environmental activists and the like for decades. Indeed while I might have missed it the only groups that seem immune to such monitoring are the groups that are pro war or pro big business. If you not in that camp and have something to protest, you are likley being spied upon.


We are apparently the enemy of the government - or they see themselves as our enemy. That is not what a true democracy should look like. We are at a stage where this nation needs massive reform and a change of the guard.


Who does ICE work for?


And it is just as likely that comments here of an overthrow, brutal force against the powers that be, and revolution talk are all being noted by our invasionary spy force of the federal government.
I’m not saying back off, I’m just warning those that have reservations.

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