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Report of Illegal $80 Million Arms Transfer by Erik Prince to Libyan Warlord Raises Question of Who's Backing Former Blackwater CEO

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/20/report-illegal-80-million-arms-transfer-erik-prince-libyan-warlord-raises-question


he’s a merc and an arms pimp.

i could see him being used by a lot of governments to funnel weapons around laws and sanctions.


There is some sort of Russian Trump connection, and many people have noticed it, though it is probably nothing like the Hillary Clinton narrative, concerning the election matter.


Good job Brett. Better than the NYT’s. The gaslighting here is of course the Americans backed Hafter, but the state media has to be coy about it because otherwise the French and Italians will point out that that is a war crime.


This guy needs to be on the receiving end of some of his actions…Yesterday!


This SOB should be imprisoned and all his wealth confiscated - not to mention prosecuted for crimes against humanity!

This situation is a direct result of US (Obama) and the evil Hillary, who cackled and laughed/joked at the vicious/brutal murder of Qaddafi and overthrow and destruction of the stable
Libyan society.


Prince must be holding dirt on a lot of people not to be sitting in a prison cell at this point.


“Another unanswered question is who funded Prince’s $80 million operation.”

That is why I call Amerika the # 1 terrorist country in the world! We Progressives know it was clandestinely the American taxpayer.


This guy reminds me of Oliver North. Remember him and his B.S. testimony? Dark and devious tools of the powerful both.


I suppose this matters little, but I will once again remind CD and its readers that Prince, like Trump, are products of the U. S. system of fascist governance and militarist foreign policy. Prince got his start in war crimes under the wings of prior executive administrations, and like Trump, has profited immensely at the cost of millions of human lives – but yes, “we think it’s worth it” (war criminal Madeleine Albright). Ignoring or discounting the absolute evil of militarism and its capitalist sugar daddies in private enterprise as well as in government will continue to abet the globally well-deserved reputation of the U. S. as the world’s foremost terrorism-and-war crimes organization. While Julian Assange dies in prison, psychopaths like Prince go to lavish dinner parties. Roll on, AmeriKKKa – at least until the real insurrection comes along.


Please be aware that a former Blackwater employee is running as a Democrat in the 2022 primaries. His name is Greg Smith, and he’s running in the CO-3 district. There are others in the race, as it is getting to be a crowded field. But, just be aware of fund-raising from this former Blackwater employee.

The district is currently represented by Boebert, locally known as Q’bert. You can recognize her by the gun she wears on the hip for show. If I have to choose between Blackwater and Q in a general election, well, I’d hope there was a Green running. But, there are much better Democrats already in the race, included a prominent state senator and also the state rep for my region. So, please be aware of this Blackwater employee running as a Democrat, and, as a politician, will likely try to fundraise in Democratic circles.

One of those cases where its hard to find what I want on the internet. There is apparently an ex-NBA player named Greg Smith that plays for a team called Blackwater, so I got thousands of wrong search results. But, I sure remember reading about this guy. As always, I don’t think I’m wrong, but will accept correction and facts if presented.

And of course, the operative question is whether he really is an ‘ex-’ employee of Prince, or is he a stealth Congresscritter candidate for his mercenary (ex-)boss?


would that this were true (it still might be).

but the fact is that for the powerful, Prince provides an important service they all crave–a deniable way to smuggle things that go boom against public will and law.

As long as he obeys the most powerful master he has, which is the US, he’ll be free and rich.


Robert Fisk would have gotten to the bottom of Prince’s rotten barrel, but corporate media did its job in marginalizing and ostracizing one of the few journalists who did HIS job of informing with truth and facts. Corporate media must not be overlooked whenever the commission of war crimes, broken treaties, humanitarian crimes, and apologies for same are proferred as “essential” for national security and the grand delusion of democracy. If you trust the NY Times, ABC, NBC, PBS, Fox, Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, CBS, Bloomberg or any of the corporate media lackeys of misinformation, propaganda, and advertising, then you’ve been duped, and qualify as a certified moron.


Its even worse than that. The US taxpayer regularly pays for the training and experience of its hired soldiers, who then leave the people’s employ and then take their skills and experience off to private contractors. So, there are floods of these people, in all sorts of nefarious fields, all trained and originally created by the US taxpayers, but now in private employ. Eric Prince is only one name that we know. Yes, he’s the leader of a company, but that’s only one company of many, all employing a small legion of taxpayer-trained mercenaries and covert agents available for hire to anyone who has money. And hiring armed mercenaries with guns is only the most visible of the nefarious services on hire. Any oligarch or corporation can now hire its own private company providing the same services and skills as the CIA, NSA, FBI, Military or … All originally paid for and trained by us.


“We came, we saw, he died”. Not mentioned in the article. Ironic that the administration of the first black U.S president is responsible for slave markets in an African nation.


Oh, I’m sure he provides a lot more of desirable services to the rich and powerful than just that particular valuable service. I’d guess that Prince would think an employee has screwed up if we know about anything he gets paid to do, so the field is pretty much wide open to ideas about all the stuff he’s really been doing.

By your hypothesis, he’s got a deal similar to J.Epstein. Its a good life while it lasts. But it can come to an abrupt end if the powerful decide you might be a danger to them. Its a good life, of course with the assumption that you don’t have a soul, nor a conscience, and don’t mind being the tool of evil loose upon the world.


I agree, he’s a war criminal, but pales in comparison to Obama, Bush, Hilary etc. Unfortunately it’s only when a "private"citizen does something outright evil, does the mainstream media become outraged.


He’s already rich.

Trump has actually worked very closely with Russian mafia in money laundering and other operations. Russian mafia are known to frequent Trump Tower, and Trump Tower was even Built with the support of Russian mafia. The connection to Putin is less clear, but I can probably hit pretty close to the mark in guessing that Putin also is affiliated with Russian Mafia. As for Prince - its impossible to give someone like that a free pass and pretend corruption will not run its course. It’s bad enough Prince won no bid contracts in Iraq to do what is unclear, but today he’s got many times more mercenaries there than the Us government has soldiers. Add that together with the fact there was no oversight at all in any of Princes Christian-motivated military operations, and the fact that the mercenaries working under Blackwater, (a company that since had to change its name to XE, and now again to Academi, because of the mounting atrocities they committed and the corresponding bad publicity), were just recently pardoned by Trump for crimes against humanity: executions of scores of Iraqi civilians, including small children - well there is almost certainly a connection to Trump


And then, its only if its some private citizens who does something outright evil. Others can of course get away with it scot-free. With 6 mega-corps controlling all we see, if those six agree that we shouldn’t see it, then we don’t. Not officially. We’ll see it in some underground rag, well, web-site these days, and thus know about it, but its officially denied and put into the same file as the government connections to the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK.

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