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Report Offers 'Bleak Picture' as Rising Inequality and Soaring Costs Drive Young People Out of Global Middle Class


Report Offers 'Bleak Picture' as Rising Inequality and Soaring Costs Drive Young People Out of Global Middle Class

Julia Conley, staff writer

Millennials are major drivers of world economies, yet the world's wealthiest countries are failing to ensure that people in their 20s and 30s are able to live the comfortable, middle-class lives many of their parents and grandparents enjoyed at the same age.



The world has a better-than-zero sum game and a worse-than-zero sum game.

The better-than-zero sum game is climate technology. Whenever anyone invents something that displaces fossil fuels at half the price or an agricultural method that sequesters carbon better than Amish farmers have been doing for centuries, the world wins.

The worse-than-zero sum game is war. That’s the game that the fabulously wealthy are playing against everybody else. It’s a monumentally stupid strategy in the long run.

Every reputedly “democratic” government is a compromise between the oligarchs and the people in general. If we the people wanted a genuinely democratic government we’d simply look for actually successful role models and then establish it ourselves. Instead we get stupid “loophole” governments, or too often we get generals taking over their governments with soldiers dumb enough to betray their own people.



The Elites behind the Demise of the Middle Class has been planned for decades. It’s happening faster as the past administrations have been stealing our money for Their purposes, not Ours. They lie and tell us We can’t afford Single Payer Heathcare but have the funds for a new Space Force, or to continue our Wars all over the Planet. But what have the people done about it? Relatively nothing which is why we keep losing. Our cowardice put us in this position, yet we expect Politicians to fix our messes, so we re-elect these crooks as they continue to take more from us. Seems we are good with this even as our situation worsens.



People here have been bribed into service since the Revolutionary War and before. That already known, is why we were so concerned about Trump’s loyalties.

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We are the rats in the maze. As long as they keep giving us a little cheese we are complacent, and refrain from chewing our way out of the maze.

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James Hodgkinson

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“Squeezing out the middle class” is way too euphemistic. PUSHING THE MIDDLE CLASS INTO POVERTY is more like it. Not just the young, but people of all ages on every continent.



More and more people wanting better lives, and largely following the current model of endless growth purchased at the expense of the biosphere, whether with fossil fuels or solar panels. The planetary warehouse is being stripped to accommodate the project, along with any possibility of giving everyone a “comfortable, middle-class” existence as commonly understood.

It’s a way of life with no future.



If the Nobel Prize in Economics were a real Nobel (please check for yourself if you doubt me) then Thomas Piketty would have won for his work cumulating in his Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century (2014). It was the “big reveal” on the exact state of intra-national and international inequalities. As such, it is anathema for the economists that serve the powers that be and, incidentally, get to steer that “Nobel Prize” into ideologically friendly waters.



Exactly. in France, the Yellow Vests rose up not for alternatives to the automobile, but because fuel for their automobiles was not cheap enough - and this is in public-transit-intensive Europe!

In Canada, the middle-class “yellow vest” uprising is full-on fascist, racist, and global warming denialist. They revile and even make death threats at PM Trudeau, not because he is building pipelines, but because he is not building far more pipelines far faster and disregarding the indigenous people while doing so.



I’ve known a lot of soldiers who enlisted only because they couldn’t get a decent paying job otherwise. My own brother who was in the Marines described the Marines as a fraternity of guys who knocked up their girlfriends and needed someway to financially “take responsibility.” America’s best… such propaganda.



You just gave the narrative, thank you for your service, a whole new meaning!

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We need to stop believing all the lies that have been fed to us by orthodox economists and politicians for over 40 years about how the economy works

MMT is mainstream now and kicking the orthodox neoliberal economists off their pedestal, the charlatans.

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Yes!!! The question is this: Why have the collective “we” become more cowardly in the past thirty years? Probably because we are “comfortable” with our lot- and it is easier to complain- but we do not have to go on like this. Demand that we all do required service ( separate from military) and remember that this is our country not theirs.



Volunteer for your community even if it;s just a little- might even be less time than posting on CD.






Ellysium the movie shows a bleak peak into what our shit hole future will look like. The class divide is blatant, but there will be no luxury space station for the wealthy to live on, so they bought million dollar Bunkers instead, living under ground like Rodents while the rest of us live in one giant slum.



The 1%'s bunkers cost way more than a million each.



Since there are 350 + or - million people in the U.S., why can’t we all get a million dollars from our taxes. Four quarterly installments would be adequate. If we have the kind of money to have trillion dollar budgets, trillions in tax cuts, and now trillions for fighter aircraft, why not US?

I think I know why, but I’ll let others opine.