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Report on Broken Windows Spending Bolsters Call to Redirect $1 Billion of NYPD Budget to Harmed Communities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/23/report-broken-windows-spending-bolsters-call-redirect-1-billion-nypd-budget-harmed

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And take another billion from the MIC and help people instead of killing them.

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Hi wongsofadove:
“To protect and Serve,” as a police motto, should probably be reworked. It seems that that term can be understood as either working for the people, —or a a way for mini tyrants to achieve their dream of control over humanity. : (

I use this moment to point out that prideful sense of place in a secure and artistically pleasing home leads to a gently declining population and healing Earth with human rights.


I’m not a big fan of mottos. We should do what is right and just, without putting a label to it. But i get your point.

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Snowflake cops start crying in ….1,2,3.

Maybe if the NYPD Gang wasn’t attacking peaceful protesters instead of addressing the property crimes they thought would bolster their side, it wouldn’t be so expensive to be so poorly protected and unserved in NYC.

good news–people are finally starting to realize that it is their Democratic mayors who have perpetrated the racist policies that have been used to occupy the minority communities for these many many decades-it was they who pushed the war on drugs that led to the mass incarceration of our minority communities-that the Republicans are worse and still in power is only the proof of the mendacity of the Democrats and their UNWILLINGNESS to address the needs of our population–preferring to get the money instead–that it is the political establishments who are the terrorists --the cops their militarized bully boys–and that this has been the norm for minorities in this country since before the founding of our nation—which let us be clear–was founded on genocide and slavery for the profits of the ruling establishments–and just like their inaction on protecting our voter franchise–the Democrats have failed to act to protect the American public --for decades and counting—note --did they manage to get monetary relief for the victims of the shutdown-how about getting treatment for the virus paid for[see the thousands in bills run up by the victims]-have they made a moratorium on rent and mortgages that will function for the WHOLE crisis or are they (like in the last crisis) going to leave the public swinging in the wind–lynched by the capitalist drive for profit at any cost–they have done none of this–instead they have been constantly kowtowing to the Republican bailout of the already wealthy while the majority of our population suffers–and just to be clear --they do this for the money from the capitalist demanding our population gets sent out to get sick and possibly die–for the money they use --in part-- to buy the politicians to write the laws they need to perpetrate that profit at any cost

Got Citizens United? ~ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citizens_United_(organization)

This is possibly one of the most insidious memes ever perpetrated by those specializing in NOT being recognized. This is not a game folks. Behind the 1033, the tsunami of toxic lobby glutof corporate monies that YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO KNOW ABOUT, the PTSD troops hired to police, the unions are molded into mafia strong arms. DEHUMANIZATION is the name of the marching orders as has been the legacy meme since slavery was institutionalized thousands of years ago. Its racist locks are only some of the medusa snakes seeking to poison entire communities. NEVER, EVER assume that you and your community are immune from this construct.

Are citizens united yet? Therein lies your answer.

Apparently not quite enough yet.

Thank the Arkansas Hillarbilly bus that they drove over the cliff. Time to recover from that ‘accident’.

It seems that we have the idea that this bailout money is all printed up fake money and is just more debt.
Someone reminded everyone that this money is to be offset by reduced spending on government programs. Social security etc.

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So much of government spending is extremely wasteful and unnecessary. Like tanks for police departments, $Trillions for profitable corporations, Air Force One flights so the Orange Anus can play golf.

If we had even one political party worth saving, legislation to make these things and many more “illegal” would be the talk of the town on the media.