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Report on Defense Contractor's Use of Vacant Office Building to House Children Underscores 'Perverse Secrecy' of Trump Immigration Policy


Report on Defense Contractor's Use of Vacant Office Building to House Children Underscores 'Perverse Secrecy' of Trump Immigration Policy

Julia Conley, staff writer

An investigation sparked by reports from concerned neighbors who suspected that immigrant children were being housed in a vacant office building in Phoenix, illustrated the secrecy surrounding the care of children by the U.S. government and defense contractors that have been hired to help enforce the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy.


W’s admin was mean (Cheney) but mostly incompetent. Trump has taken both incompetence and meanness to stratospheric heights…


The goons (male and female) who have participated in these crimes against humanity will be held to account in due time. Every. Single. One.


From your mouth (or pen) ncycat, to the Goddess’ ears! May it be so for all the goons from the highest especially, to those “just following orders”!


CIA Director Gina Haspel’s experience with secret offshore prisons during the Dubya Regime should make us expect way more of this type of activity.


So AZ. Health Dept. and Child Services is going to investigate and possibly charge MVM, correct? If not, why not?


Just remember who the “Supremes” are that will make all of this stuff “Constitutional” and OK when the various court decisions arrive at that lofty realm, for “judgement.”
*You can see what is happening quite well by studying German history in the 1930s and '40s. The language and uniforms are different, but the MO is pretty much the same.
*I would suggest reading Defying Hitler, a memoir by Sebastian Haffner. As you read a personal account of a young man through the end of WW-I and his experiences on through the thirties, up until he finally fled the Reich to avoid a concentration camp. He explores his reactions to what was going on, as well as the reaction by friends and colleagues. It puts a different light on what is going on here, today, and may put light on what people seem to be assenting to here in the Fourth Reich.


Trump has turned us into a nation of kidnappers.


I’m not sure about that but I think it has to do with this:

“All adults who do not enter the U.S. through a port of entry are supposed to be criminally prosecuted. This is what results in the family separation: Adults have to appear before a federal judge before undergoing deportation procedures, so they’re held in federal custody while awaiting trial. Meanwhile, their children — who are not referred for prosecution, and thus aren’t incarcerated with their parents — end up being sent into the custody of the Office for Refugee Resettlement.”

Evidently that has changed. There are additional centers being built but I’m not sure exactly about oversite. The UN has pretty specific guidelines about refugee settlement. I think this needs independent observers.


I think Americans are use to refugee camps being in places like Afghanistan or distant places so this is a more personal experience. This is happening all over the world. It is a global event.


This is an illegal, unconstitutional DISGRACE of the first magnitude. Do people realize how this kind of behavior - locking children up for weeks under who knows what kind of conditions - bodes for the future of all Americans? We are witnessing the rapid transformation of the America we thought we knew into something far, far uglier.


The last thing this world needs is more retribution. That has been the response since day one and look where that’s got us.


It is most definitely not, ‘an event.’ This is planned sadism; it’s wicked and immoral and, as such, deserves to not be rationalized by using sanitizing language. Not here, not by anyone.


This is the speeding up of what has been quite apparent to some of us, for a very, very long time. What’s especially disturbing is that this new phase has dispensed with the façade of deceny entirely.


Dump the trumptard in one of these prisons WITH the kids and see how long it takes the phuq to reunite them with their parents!


If not by a court then by we peons!


Sorry for up and coming pun…Fed. Law trumps state and local law. The state doesn’t have jurisdiction.


Wow, we have our own CIA-style black site covert detention center operated by a military profiteer here on American soil.
How can they block media and legislators?
How did that contractor get the contract?
What kind of abuse and other depravity is going on inside?
How can it be legal that this can be happening at all, and what is being done to stop it?
That’s what I’d like to see answered in a CD article!


Are you a sheep or a fighter? Sounds like the former.
The world needs retribution against all gangsters, especially those who abuse children.
Despots, tyrants, and others who victimize people count on a sheep-like, no-retribution compliance so they can do whatever they want with no consequence to themselves.


I’d say it was deliberate and mean to lie us into wars that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, out a CIA agent, rape the environment, falsify intelligence data, etc.
Cheney, W, and Trump are all war criminals and gangsters, but W and Cheney weren’t quite as brazen about it as Trump.
However, Cheney did publicly say, and still does, that America has to go do the “dark side” and use torture and war crimes.
And dear heroic Obama used drones to kill thousands of innocent civilians.
It’s not incompetence. It’s criminality.
And they all need to be on trial in the World Court in The Hague.