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Report on Defense Contractor's Use of Vacant Office Building to House Children Underscores 'Perverse Secrecy' of Trump Immigration Policy


Yeah, I wrote a bit on It Can’t Happen Here the other day.
It has!


I have been writing and warning about the slide into tyranny for a long time, once as a journalist, still as an American citizen. It is profoundly disappointing to me that Americans are so docile, uninformed, apathetic and willingly powerless. They curse the messenger (such as me) as being “negative” or “obsessed with politics” or a “conspiracy theorist,” while their country and their future disintegrates before their evidently blind and uncaring eyes.


MMMMM, that may be so. But it is still a Fed vs State issue, so AZ can do nothing.


A lot of stuff is like that, a lot of agencies work like that. Sometimes with the same standard but different requirements. There are definitely ways to fix that. But the idiots across the street are not helping. I was disappointed that Democracy Now would run such an article. The Medicare for All thing works like that.

One last thought, the picture of the women with children did not appear to be distressed, I think people that apply their own standards without all the information are more stressed. Immigrants probably have no idea what the rules are at that level. At least initially.

There is enough racism in the world, we don’t need to create any more.


Good point. But who decides the who should decide can be just another form of elitism by preference.


Not necessarily. Communities worldwide are perfectly capable of coming up with solutions to social problems collectively. It can range from temporary ostracizing, to developing forms of peer accountability for minor infractions. We are in a “representative” society, in that we hire individuals to come up with laws and punishments. Obviously that hasn’t worked very well, since there it does not nurture an “inner” urge to “do no harm.” Instead, personal agendas, bizarre religious beliefs, prejudices and xenophobia etc infect our system and make it unjust and unwieldy.https://www.iep.utm.edu/collecti/


Well, that is sort of my point without the extention to the larger society. Your example of hired representation is fine if that isn’t based on exclusions. Native Americans used exclusion or ostracizing pretty well. If you did not participate in the group in a meaningful way, you could be excluded. In that context it could mean life or death as people were dependent on group behavior. There were other alternatives, you could marry into a more cohesive tribe and others. It limited fragmentation and provided continuity that were also important. Their representative government included a grandmother’s council that functioned somewhat like our congress. Everyone got to vote for chief but grandmothers would choose the candidates. And Chiefs were picked based on the needs of the community. If you were at war, there was a war chief. If your people were starving you got someone that knew about the nature of your people and how to remedy that. You might say that didn’t work out well either but it did for thousands of years.


I was amazed that the kids were in sweats in Phx heat. Odd.

Anyway, the race issue really T’s me off. I can only have one thought, “all of our shadows are the same color”. I was raised to be color blind. I do not understand the other side of the coin. I can’t. I do not see it. And I surely don’t want help in seeing it either. So I get frustrated :-///


I see it this way, we only have the ability to solve part of this problem and each of us can do what we can. I don’t see it as race. I see it as vulnerable people that have their own destiny. Just about everyone seems to have an agenda. I’m glad you don’t, you should feel good about that.

Yeah, and they should lose the sweats.


Hehehe…I do have an agenda…I want everyone to see things as I do :-))) We truly are just vulnerable’s, each in our own way, that is why fighting for the common good is so important. Ants and Bees.


I’m just working off my past life karma at present (trying) without incurring more. I thought I did that but there are still a few surprises.

Common good is well good. hehehe


I wanted to show you this. it comes in handy too.


Caterpillar sheds it’s skin to find the butterfly within…Donovon


First there was a mountain…


You are so wise and timely…it’s nice to find someone to sing along with, Thank You Fern


It truly is, thank you so much as well.


If you like I have a contact form on my site, you can use it instead of this. That way we don’t the warnings about using this forum too much. Donovan saved my life, he is a big part of who I am. Tired, more later, hopefully elsewhere :-)))


That is true we do take liberties. He is still the person he was which is genuine. Thank you for the invite and I will think that over. Tired too. Maybe say good nite and have a good sleep.