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Report on President's Environmental Record So Far 'Reminds Us That Trump Soap Opera Has Dire Real-World Consequences'


Report on President's Environmental Record So Far 'Reminds Us That Trump Soap Opera Has Dire Real-World Consequences'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A New York Times investigative report on President Donald Trump's nearly two-year environmental record and how his industry-friendly policies are impacting communities nationwide, published in the Thursday paper, "reminds us that the Trump soap opera has dire real-world consequences."


What’s at work here? Is Pwesident Twump hell-bent on dismantling Obama’s legacy, such as it is? Since he doesn’t appear to benefit directly from these regulatory rollbacks, could he simply be advancing class interests? Or could it be a matter of piling up political favors against an unfavorable conclusion to the Mueller probe?
Maybe it’s the Sun King-like nihilism made explicit in his recent rhetorical question, “What do I care? I’ll be long gone when the shit hits the fan?”

Whatever the reason—and it may be a hazmat gumbo of all of them—the dire real-world consequences need to be documented and publicized far and wide. An all-too-rare tip o’ the hat to the Times for its work in this regard.


Reminds me of Alfred E. Newman’s: " WHAT ME WORRY?" And may I add, I am too old to worry about it and I could care less how much future generations suffer since I will be long gone!


Yes, he needs to go but so does the system that makes his type possible:


Come on- most of our population doesn’t even vote, and is too asleep. Civil disobedience? Maybe go to the Middle East or France for that.


Not voting doesn’t show apathy, just shows little faith in the political system. People care about the issues a lot, there is a just a proven huge gap between what people want versus what the system offers. Turnout in lots Latin American countries is very low (Colombia for example) because of the state of the political system, and yet social movements are active. People in this country aren’t apathetic about things that impact them, they just don’t have tons of faith in the political system, for good reason. The environmental crisis is going to force things upon people in developed countries that normally are the type of stuff poorer countries have been dealing with. Absolute resource shortages, and distributional issues. Like, if we know that resources are low, and inequality is massive, does the consumption of Jeff Bezos not impact the poor and working stiffs? And if resources are increasingly scarce, and if consumption is inequitable, does the consumption of the rich not make most everything more expensive for everyone else? After all, the top 20% of the world’s population consumes over 80% of resources, the top 20% also produces over 80% of all pollutants.


I see your point Joan, but this apathy has been going on for decades. I vote, and anybody I know does. Here are the reasons I have from so called educated people yet: I don’t have time ( yet these same people have “time” to stand on line at Walmart). My late grandmothers couldn’t vote because they were women- I will always vote. Spoke to an aid in my reps office today. She is retired from the military. Yes, she has always voted and does not understand the apathy. Met a woman some years back. She grew up in Germany then the NAzis gained power. She is VERY happy to have the right to vote.


When people do not vote they give the okay to continue as usual.


Read Martin Luther King, Jr. Why We Can’t Wait and you will find how we can achieve this–the biggest obstacles we face are the divisions between us and how we can heal them. We must speak, like MLK, from the heart.


At one time in the 1950s and 1960s I would have said that. Not now- since the 1970s we have been self involved and it only has gotten worse. SO, you’ll wait to heal our divisions? How??? Come now- we’ll all be taking a dirt nap by then. When I hear that over ten million truckers will lose their jobs due to self driving and the mad scientists do not care I do not have any hope.


So, a book will cure us? Come now- what have you been smoking? Did you come to MA and smoke some now ( state) legal weed?


Will not dignify your post with an answer.


Said nothing about waiting. We take a page from MLK, Jr. and have massive numbers of educational, barnstorming, community meetings. The meetings will only draw small crowds at first but eventually participation will grow. We do it by talking to people everywhere about the issues, we knock on doors.


That is what I thought. No practical solutions_ how about required government service for all to do? Other countries do it- it’s practical, gets work done, and promotes unity. Now, that is practical. I have been calling for that for over 20 years ( along with many other people). Our selfish society will not see fit to do that and we are way behind the times for that. Call your rep and demand that this is the time for this, and more. Called my rep today and reiterated that.


You thought wrong. I do not respond to insults. Period. See my other response above.


That has been done before- too much apathy. We need to get rid of the electorial college but that won’t happen. Ever since the recession people have been angrier. That is not going away- probably never. Educate? Come now. Banksters crashed the global economy, and that is now considered to be part of the government operation . At least in the 1980s banksters went to jail.Now- no way. Educate - we are way beyond that. Over 5000 people more than ususal committed suicide when the economy tanked. And you want to educate?? Educate who- and with what? People are angry and have nowhere to put it hence violence, shootings etc. Pardon me- but you live in a fantasy world. Get things done- required service for all beyond the military. How do you think the veterans feel when their own country betrayed them? While they were fighting, banksters stole money from people.


Oh well- we are just going around in a neurotic loop- if you want to share your ideas call or write your local or US rep


If “meetings” have not happened by now- forget about it, man. No protests in the street even from people who are furloughed? People are cowards in this country.


I understand what you are saying, but if voting doesn’t change anything because of corruption, because those that control the system lord over and are isolated from the working stiffs, because those with power are ideologically rigid, among other things, then voting alone won’t change anything. If Nazis didn’t smash the opposition, but instead rigged the system so they could never win in elections, would your friend think that voting is always a cure for our problems? Lots of people, say poor people, don’t feel represented in the system. They shouldn’t. Neither party cares much about them. Up to 45,000 Americans will die between now and 12/27/19 because of our healthcare system, and the leaders of the more “progressive” party still want to debate whether or not to do anything really about that despite strong support from the general public, and even stronger support from the rank and file within their own party for an actual solution, which is single payer. These same people, most of whom will not be around themselves when the environment goes to hell, aren’t sold on saving human civilization. To me, the issue isn’t people choosing not to vote, it is people not being involved in activism, not being involved in social movements, and the left, who have actual solutions, who would empower the poor and working people, has only now started to re-emerge. The center and the right don’t want the poor involved in mass activism, and they are perfectly fine with them not voting in large numbers. If we on the left succeed, we will only do so by focusing on those that don’t vote in large numbers. Cause who are those groups? The poor, people of color, young people. In other words, groups that the establishment offers little in regards to policy. Empower people, give them actual policy and institutional alternatives, get THEM to run for office, and voting will take care of itself. Waiting for assholes like Neera Tanden, Nancy Pelosi or Hoyer (along with their donors) to decide on their elite of choice (Beto or Harris likely), then watching them destroy all opposition to their choice, is a guarantee that things won’t get better, people will continue to feel alienated from the system. This issue, environmental issues, requires radical changes. Beto doesn’t have any actual solutions. If he did, they would necessarily be radical and he would necessarily not have the support of the people he now has support from. So, if someone offers no change, and the status quo makes things progressively worse for most people, what exactly will voting change? Nothing. It is voting to play endless defense (weak defense and we never bat 1.000), cause people like him have no alternatives to go on the offensive with.


I see your point Joan like Noam Chomsky said many years ago- It’s the system. The system called capitaism designed by the rich for the rich. I have also met people who are quite comfortable who do not take the time to vote but they sure have the time like I said to go to Walmart. The USA has one of the lowest rates of voting attendance of any developed nation . You’re right - the system does not work for many yet we settle because we have become comfortable with that. It’s pathetic. Thank you for your posts by the way. Represent US is a group that works to promote equality and more representation for the masses. More people need to vote, and we need to get rid of Citizens United.