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Report Reveals That 'Like Everything Else' About GOP Tax Scam, Program Purported to Help the Poor Really 'Just Another Handout to the Rich'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/01/report-reveals-everything-else-about-gop-tax-scam-program-purported-help-poor-really


“In 2019, honor is corrupted and corruption is honored.” --Anonymous
(Me, actually)

Sounds like a perfect description of the u.s. government, doesn’t it?


One more need for the considerably wealthy:

It seems that a number of American expatriates believed fervently enough in climate denial that they built their beautiful second (third? whatever.) homes in the Bahamas, a wonderful island haven away from the USA. Unfortunately, Hurricane Dorian with 185 mph winds at this point is coming to a dead stop right over them and their houses. We may see more than a few dead American expatriates, and the others will at least hope to be compensated for their losses and their inconvenience.

I expect the relief to flow thick and fast to these particular islands. Watch how fast everybody moves! Compare with the response to Puerto Rico being devastated by Hurricane Maria two years ago.

I expect to see the regular posters on commondreams expressing their deepest sympathies to the survivors. We are, after all, human.


That goes well with Orwell’s 1984 ‘War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength’.


And then there’s P.T. Barnum’s observation, which helps us understand Twump’s Base: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”


Very fitting in today’s u.s. also, Harry.


The only ones that didn’t know this was going to happen are Caligula’s rabid base

Yes except kingdoms in Europe including Russia and Asia used the same means to accrue wealth and also inscripted the serfs to fight whenever they needed them for more land grabs in the name of WAR

A lot more than average apartment block and high end condo and hotel construction has occurred in Portland the last few years, a Ritz Carlton now being proposed among many taking advantage of “opportunity zone” tax abatements. The mid and high-rise towers, and subsidized apartments too, are all what I’m calling “Landlord Class” investments with guaranteed returns and ability to raise rents on a whim. I’m not supporting Mayor Wheeler reelection next year.

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The dem party is complicit in this scam, obviously they cannot be taken over from within the party as these corrupt elitists have the corporate media and greedy sycophant having their back.

It is up to we the people across the nation to join as 170 million strong, however, the Trump supported are too programmed to realize they’ve been had. I know a few, too many for my liking.


Well of course we will give them our sympathy. There are natives there who serve these rich sycophants probably living in squalor and the lucky ones making enough to have modest surroundings.

Oh man, I live in a bubble in my own town. Damn

Most of these new towers and apartment blocks meet high standards in new urbanist design. I expect they could evolve over time to reduce gentrification. Central city projects are all market driven rather than follow the elusive moral contract some of us attempt to adhere to.

I am going to ask the most stupid rhetorical question in the world:

Is there ever a dollar amount, that when reached, the wealthy will say ‘Ok I have enough now?’

Clearly the answer is no but why? These people driven to acquire money as their main goal in life seem to have a dead spot in their psyches that nothing will ever bring back to life no matter how had they try. And the only way they know to try is to keep accumulating money…
I would postulate each and every one is experiencing mental health issues.

If this isn’t so why can’t they grasp that if they ‘shared’, if I can put it that way, their wealth, instead of hoarding it and grasping for more more more… if they chose to support policies that assisted them to share more… through much higher wages for all , benefits, supporting governmental programs that helped people have a decent standard of living - as in medical care, food, safe well maintained housing, excellent schooling, being able to take a vacation a few times a year to the sea, mountains, lake or wherever and so on, their actual wealth would almost certainly increase an a good rate ALSO… the classic win win scenario…
There is something about the mental picture wealthy carry in their heads that ‘if I win I also have to make others lose or the ‘ winning’ is somehow less satisfying’… just my thoughts…

The answer is no. These money grubbers, without money to grub, will switch to something else. Owning real estate, business, political theater, or whatever there is to get. They are more about challenging the rules and ultimately winning regardless of what it does to the other players.
It is a sickness or a disease like greed itself.

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