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Report Sheds Light on Role of Trump Campaign Adviser Amid Concerns President Will Fire Mueller


Report Sheds Light on Role of Trump Campaign Adviser Amid Concerns President Will Fire Mueller

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The New York Times reveals the probe into collusion allegations was prompted by George Papadopoulos bragging to an Australian diplomat that he knew about Russia acquiring political dirt on Hillary Clinton

George Papadopoulos


Fiddling with Russophobes while Rome burns.


"…why the Australians waited two months to alert the FBI (the Australian Embassy in D.C. declined to comment)?

I’ll tell you why: Downer was likely falling down drunk at the time, and Australian authorities were skeptical of his account.


The Dem corporatist wing (sans Berners) MSNBC, CNN and The NY times, Wapost, etc. are soooo incredibly caught-up into this non-story, because the corp-machine behind Clinton 1&2 won’t let go. We the People (the moral majority of us) wanted Bernie and got told-off, (actually in Cali at the state Dem meeting, the speaker told the Berners, who were protesting, to “fuck-off” lol! Yawn. And the banksters just carted-off with 1 1/2 $trillion! And in so many words, told us again, “Fuck-off”. And this story zombies through the MSM and ROME BURNS, again. Yeah, Trump is a crooked politician and a liar. But so was Hillary! Immorality is about to be exposed in 25 of America’s state capitols’ public squares - and D.C.


I literally had a barf bag in my back pocket as I went to vote, which I did AGAINST Trump by voting “for” HRC. Knowing HRC’s past I had no expectation of anything good from her, but the STOCHASTIC TERROR possible under Trump troubled me more. Color me a disenfranchised voter; yes, I got to vote–sort of.


You did the right thing. As folks are (re)learning now, it’s not just President you are voting for, but members of the judiciary and agency officials. Clinton would not have appointed Gorsuch to the Court and we’d still have net neutrality in place. We’d be arguing about how she’s not Left enough rather than about what will be left after four years of Trump.


I was prepared to be unhappy with Clinton. Trump is a different story.


Counterpunch? You still cite counterpunch?


There were sanders supporters elected to be delegates at the California state convention, close to half. They were not told to fuck off. The persons told to fuck off were demonstrators who arrived and disrupted the convention. There are certainly camps within the california Democratic Party. I attended the 18th Assmbly District state delegate elections, along with hundreds of others from that District, including Sanders supporters. No one was told to fuck off. If you’re not a California Democrat maybe you should fuck off.


Looks like the FBI and DOJ ares now worried about how many of their top people will end up in the crosshairs of Congress, as the investigation of the Clintons and and the Clinton Foundation heats up and as Nunes is preparing contempt of Congress charges. So, it’s time to have the NYTimes put out some more fake news.


As a Californian I am truly disgusted by your fanship of Nunes. Certainly one of the sleazyest members of congress. Not really surprising though.


Yeah…well, how many times did Clinton say she’s institute a no-fly zone over Syria? That was irrational.talk from an irrational warmonger.

I detest what Trump’s doing domestically; but, so far, except for Yemen, he hasn’t destroyed another country. And, you can bet that Clinton wouldn’t be doing anything less destructive with respect to Yemen.


Yeah, I don’t think much of Rall. He is in my area, so I’ve seen a lot of his stuff. He called for obama to resign in 2009(something you likely agree with), he slandered Pat Tillman, called Condaleesa Rice a "house nigga(again, something you might agree with), ridiculed the mentally disabled in a cartoon. So much more. A real hero to the far left…


I detest Trump…But. Why don’t you just stick with that. How many times have you used a variant of that claim?


Not much of a comeback, BW. I was expecting more of you. Been partying too much?


Rall has become a complete nut. He is one of those rich elite liberals, like the trust-fund baby Jeffery St. Clair, who have drifted off into the world of unreality - which they have the luxury of doing becasue they use none of the critical social services which are being dismantled by Trump, but would not have been by Hillary.


The no-fly zones, would have been to protect humanitarian corridors from attacks from the vile murderous Assad.

or are you one of those “leftists for Assad” who hate humanitarians like the White Hats?


Yes! The evil Clinton Foundation! And her child-porn pizza joint too!


So, you’re in favor of an 11th, or is it 12, investigation of Hillary Clinton as SoS. But, you know as well as anyone, the Republicans will not go into the Honduran coup in 2009 or Libya a year later. Not on policy, anyway. So, when your food stamps are gone, healthcare or retirement is chopped up and put in some tiny baked cookies, stay home and don’t bother to vote. Eat the cookies and dream of the Clintons in chains or on the rack or gallows.
And, I voted for Stein after working and voting for Bernie.
You need to realize that Russiagate is about what Trumpster & Co. may have done with Russian oligarchs and their buddies, giving valuable assistance. It has nothing to do with your weary obsessions about the Clintons, going forward to the 2018 and 2020 elections.
Nothing is so pathetic as watching a horsehater shooting an already dead horse, 11 or 12 times. We get it, you prefer to lie down with jackasses, not donkeys.


But…you call that a comeback?