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Report Shows Breaking the Law 'Just a Cost of Doing Business for Big Pharma'



Yet another failure of incremental maintenance, where the busiest people are the lobbyists. That's why using words like 'revolution' and 'revolutionary movement' in the Sanders campaign are not seen as conspicuous or extreme but as the realization of what is critically, critically needed.


Extremely accurate headline - thank you.

That in fact is the way most large corporations operate.

If or when they are fined, it is usually a nominal one. That's the part the public knows.
Having worked in the insurance defense (law) business, I know that under what is known
as errors & omissions coverage (insurance policy), the insurer pays the majority of any fines
assessed to its covered client. The insured company is thus very little out of pocket.


The fact that government is getting billions in fines from these Pharma companies and it doesnt even effect their profits tells me why the government lets them do what they want.....All of them profit from it and we pay for the free Markert Principle they so proudly proclaim........The cost of doing business to fleece customers is the real free market they like to worship.....Get rid of politicians who take campaign money from them.


Big Pharma is a money trough for all the corruption in the USA corporate world and our government.....Thats the only way it has survived scrutiny all these years....The companies spread lots of money in Washington and things always go their way when it comes to new laws regulating their business..Look at Obama..nothing changed.....Hillary has received money from these assholes......And she should be president because?..You think she is going to upset the money cow....


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I have a friend who is getting on in years. She is a big Bernie supporter, but she said that perhaps Bernie shouldn't use the word "revolution," as it conjures up images of South American fighters (I didn't go there). I told her that it affects me in a completely different way. When I hear "revolution" I think the American Revolution, and when hear Bernie say it, I think American Revolution 2.0.

The way in which this country was colonized (slavery and genocide) still haunts us, but the fact that a scraggly bunch of upstarts defeated the world's most powerful military and freed themselves, a feat which had never been accomplished, should inspire every thinking person to become part of the Bernie Revolution.

MORE: What is really outrageous is that the price of US drugs reflects these fines. Corporations never pay directly out of pocket--just pass the cost along. What's most egregious is that the very country that enabled Big Pharma's success through our taxes and infrastructure, is the one paying exorbitant drug prices.


This observation is true from big pharma to banking and from oil companies to those that manufacture cars.

In short virtually every sector of the Corporate for profit model.

It does not end there however. It is also true with Police Forces and Government officials in many countries that violate civil rights and liberties, or commit war crimes or crimes against the State and receive slaps on wrist or fines paid for by the taxpayer for their crimes.


Ya, but vaccines are god's gift to mankind.