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Report Shows How Charter Schools Are in Business of 'Privatization and Profiteering'


Report Shows How Charter Schools Are in Business of 'Privatization and Profiteering'

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The explosion of charter schools in the U.S. is allowing individuals, corporations, and organizations to use public funds to secure their own financial gain and private profit—often at the expense of the common interest they claim to serve, a new policy brief from the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado-Boulder finds.


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I live in Indiana and the Repubs are giving money to the Catholic Church for their schools so they can give taxpayer's money to Evangelical churches. They are defunding Public Education.
Note that Repubs are against supporting anyone who can't support themselves. So,when the public schools are gone the Poor will have to come up with money or their children will have no education. This will be the desired result for those who want to rule Americà.


Remember when the term 'elected officials' carried with it assumed obligations? Besides fighting commies, crime and terrorists. Like supporting public education. Now for a generation or two that civic meaning has been placed on the list of things 'archaic' by the Reagan era, followed by those impersonators of democracy called the new Dems. Their plastic philosophy of political expedience have sold out the country and made the right wing winners by default. Right wing, that's ISIS with tax loopholes. You can just imagine what the public must be thinking. 'Wasn't anybody looking the last 35 years?' And we thought we could trust those bums. Boy, oh boy, were we fooled. Again.


These 'Throwback Thursday' articles are fun. This one's from, what, 2002?


The good news is that this was foreseen in the 1965 report on the ESEA...phew, that was a close one...oh wait, noone read that report. I guess any American education is pretty poor no matter what time period your from.


The same group of corporate wall street vultures that have successfully diverted taxpayer public education money from local public schools to so called charter and home schooling are going after public taxpayer funded LIBRARIES. The plan is to continue to privatize any and all tax-funded venues into the hands of the 1% and strip communities of money and power. Its happening all over the country. Quietly! They started with home mortgages and then student loans and stripping tax money from public education, privatizing prisons, all owned by wall street corporations. Next Libraries. Its called profiting off the misery of the american taxpayer.


This is what Maria Montessori advocated years ago.


Simply put, public education and our children are the latest commodity for business venture capitalists. I wrote a book about it after researching the topic for one year. We are scammed every which way to Sunday by these schemers. The problem is poverty, not dumb kids! http://weaponsofmassdeception.org/


Evangelicals don't believe in no stinkin' data.