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Report Shows How Koch Brothers Bankroll 'Fox News of the Regulatory Policy World' to Help Push Polluter-Friendly Agenda

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/03/report-shows-how-koch-brothers-bankroll-fox-news-regulatory-policy-world-help-push

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Always remember that Kochroaches scatter when you shine a bright light on them.


The Koch brothers–born on third base and bribing the home plate umpire.

The minute these creatures die, in that moment, the world will instantly become a better place.

Ahh, the Koch Brothers. The backroom fascists…

GWU … $55,000 per year for a fake education about fake policy.

Corporations are people, my friend. And actual people are f**cked, my friend.

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Don’t be so sure. They have children, and grandchildren. One of the male grandchildren wears (and markets) shirts in bright colors with bags of money all over them. Still feeling optimistic?

sure. there will always be other scum and spawn of scum. often the spawn of scum screw things up royally. But when Mutt and Jeff are gone the world will be better for it.

This is what happens when you hardly tax the rich. Louis Brandeis warned us long ago.

The Koch network is now much much more than the Kochs. It is multifaceted and multilayered. It has many tentacles. This stealth network has grown well beyond the Kochs themselves. The network is multinational and is a primary player in the right-wing fascist movements we are seeing world wide. For a look at the multinational attack, check out AtlasNetwork.org – one of the multitude of tentacles.

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Wasn’t suggesting that it all disappears when they croak. Only that the world will be a better place when those two Fascists are not in it.

We make light of the Kochs at our own peril. Their aim is not just more wealth and fewer regulations.
Their goal is a world where fascism rules and their tentacles reach far, wide,and deep.

UnKoch My Campus, is a resource and activist center for fighting the Koch network’s stealth takeover of academia. The link on their site, find your campus, lists the campuses ensnared in the web and the dollar amounts each institution has thus far been awarded. Most of the grants are multi-year and thus the dollar amounts shown are actually under reporting the total allocation.


Nancy MacLean, author of “Democracy in Chains”, has done extensive research on the origins and current workings of the Kochs and colleagues. Long ago the Kochs teamed up with James Buchanan (Nobel Economics) to develop their stealth network. The book is a chilling wake-up call that revels the depths and the degree as to what this highly sophisticated and intricate network of wealthy fascists has accomplished. It not only revels what has been accomplished but sheds light on the ultimate goals of this huge and growing network.

The network consists of not only academic institutions but think tanks, political organizations, and legislative advocacy groups. Some of the more prominent are: CATO, Americans for Prosperity, Heritage Foundation, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and its sister organization working at the state level is the State Policy Network (SPN). George Mason University is hub of the academic realm and has given credibility to fascist economic models for decades.

Years ago when I still tuned into MSNBC, hardly an evening went by without an “expert” commentator being consulted from George Mason. From George Mason’s schools of economics and law, the tentacles have spread far and wide throughout the world of academia. Though these think tanks, political, and legislative organizations function independently, they are all very philosophically interconnected. Their roots can all be traced back to George Mason and the Kochs, not single handedly, provide funding for all of them.

As far as I know they do not directly own any main stream media outlets but they clearly have tremendous amounts of control over the main stream media. One example, the Kochs are the major contributor to the premier PBS science program NOVA – so much for science. Recently the fascist Bezos purchased the Washington Post. I don’t know that he has direct connections to the Koch network but for all practical purposes he might as well be one of them.

For a look at the network’s multinational approaches check out Atlas Network. They are not just taking over democracy in the USA, their goal is a world of fascism. They are making astonishing strides.


Before Kennedy, the US college curriculum for a bachelor’s degree in engineering was a five-year program with the same kinds of humanities courses that other majors. With the announcement that the US was racing to the moon against Russia, the humanities were practically eliminated in order to allow the BS degree to be completed in four years.
When I studied engineering in the seventies, nary a word was ever mentioned about ethics. Energy was taught in terms of machinery princioles and propertied of fuel resources.
A decade later, in the 80’s or maybe it was the 90’s, graduate business programs in universities like Harvard were talking about adding ethics to their curriculum. If they did, it was as a separate course. How did that work out? From the few Harvard MBA grads I have met, whatever was done was overwhelmed by curriculum to the contrary. I was invited to a class there in 2008, and the topic delivered and discussed with the class was how a big company (Aramco) should manage an entire country’s policies (S.A.) to maximize profit.

‘Democracy In Chains’ is a must-read for progressive!

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