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Report Shows How War Profiteers Are Now Refugee Profiteers, Too


Report Shows How War Profiteers Are Now Refugee Profiteers, Too

Nika Knight, staff writer

As Europe comes to terms with a Brexit vote fueled in large part by anti-immigrant hate-mongering, a new report exposes how war profiteers are influencing EU policy to make money from unending Middle East conflicts as well as the wave of refugees created by that same instability and violence.

(Image: Stop Wapenhandel)


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Hello Vatican?
Hello United Nations?


Why does no one ever mention one of the most potentially lucrative war profits, fresh human organs?


The many benefits--for some!--of wars. They far outweigh the pain and suffering that they cause, do they not?!


I will never forget the photo illustrating this sad story. Those children could be my grandchildren. Let's not forget that Hillary Clinton takes money from the military industrial complex and is eager to attack Iran. One more excellent reason to refuse to vote for her. #NeverHillary #BernieOrBust #JillNotHill


I believe the arming and patrolling of borders and surveillance are all on the rise not only to make more money but also control the mass refugee crises that is coming from climate change as well as wars. "Never let a crises go unexploited".
We see in this country the policies that are in effect, and go into effect all the time, protecting the weapons manufacturing and sales of them. The US sells weapons to anyone, anywhere and sometimes gives them free. Perpetual war is profitable and useful to execute the plan to control the masses.
The constant drum beat about this enemy ISIS, Russia, China, or which ever they need at the time, Mexicans or Muslims, keeps people afraid and willing to go along with the plan. (Gotta have a good enemy). It's a win, win for the profiteers. The one's that die serve a purpose too, a thinning of the world's population. The very elite are into eugenics, don't forget.
But I believe climate change is the motivator for more border protection not just for refugees from war. Climate change is a National threat and Homeland Security is acutely aware of it. That's why the military is moving inland and all over the country, police are armed with military style weapons, even many departments of government have purchased them, EPA I think is one.
They will want to lock it down and control what we do, say and where we go. Resources will be short and people will be angry. Think Mad Max. So what are the elite going to do? Control the masses and keep the resources. They want to buy up all the water, utilities, food production and Monsanto buying all rights to sell all seeds.
Enter the companies that make the tools to do it. Win, win.


You are probably right and then human trafficking for slaves or sex. It's sick.


I partially agree with the writer that Brexit was fueled by anti-immigration and racist sentiment. However, that meme doesn't tell the whole story, either. War without end doesn't explain the MENA and other issues in Southeast NATO aligned countries, as well. These issues have to be seen as a form of Mafia Capitalism done with the blessing of Death Cult Religions and their insane belief in ancient, inflexible fairy tales. Not unlike the mythology of Ancient Greek lore, this high-faluting nonsense serves the high priests of greed and power, mostly. There will be no peace and prosperity until religions quit their vampire-like hold on the multitudes. Capitalists, and their creations, Corporations, use " any means necessary " to profit from circumstance. Money and power fit together like a hand in a glove. There is a sick intersectionality running, and ruining, all life on this planet. We're going to need a lot more than deity worship to mend and end this chaos. Pardon me if I don't rely on praying for rain when planting my garden in the spring. Or, not looking for easy answers in some rather odd places. Though, I wish it were so, it ain't that easy.



The future is shaping up to a game of last man standing. All the peace nicks will be killed by the well armed, which will end with a world viciously hostile to other humans. Without any doubt there will be a nuclear war that will forever change life on this planet. The wealthy elite and its corporate benefactors have no will to stop the insanity and considering the loss of democratic processes throughout the world humanity is being dragged down with them.


thus brexit, NOT hate etc. etc. People have the nerve to try to protect their jobs


Kudos to the very apt photo chosen by CD to accompany this article. I know this photo has been published before, here at CD, but it is a powerful testament to what is really at stake.

It is really difficult to delve deep inside that human story, that this scene illuminated by the sun captures.

But it is important to do just that.

It's difficult to have compassion for the soldiers, but even just a speck is appropriate. Most of us, have compassion for the soldier who has the rude awakening to the horrors committed and then dedicates the rest of his PTSD life trying to rectify the acts. Soldiers conditioned by propaganda of the State, tentacles of which become embedded in the culture at large, and the rest.

Honestly, I have great difficulty conjuring up this compassion.

What is so powerful in this image, are of course the refugee children, and the adult (presumably the parent) clinging together. The crying girl in particular shreds the heartstrings if you pause only for a brief moment to imagining living her life in that slice of time, from the innocent experience of a child.

And what brings us these scenes of human drama?

A very small group of individuals who, through their own personal agendas of power and greed see fit to play people as so many pawns on a chess board. These people, know best not to let their hearts engage in that drama of the little girl, else their whole id be destroyed, premature to the inevitable awakening they shall likely have in that moment of transition out of this life.

Yes those impulses of power and greed are in all of us. Most keep such impulses in check. It's not entirely just a species problem. The innate state of mind of those kids, in different circumstances would be of course, love, joy, laughter, play, and wanting the world to be a better place.

I hope somehow they are doing better.


Let's see. Imagine that half your family members are dead, your house is blown to smithereens, your city is a total war zone and some idiot is asking your for money?


my previous remark is for the person at the top that says we should charge them money. Must be a trump fan.


How do they stop war profiteering if the guvmint can't stop illegal drug profiteering?

If making drugs illegal made drug cartels more profitable won't making guns illegal make war industry more profitable?


Damn straight, Townsend12! I PRAY for an indictment to come down soon, or is this more political trickery for Hillary -- PATHETIC! We need this fraud made public, not to rub it in her supporter's faces, but to finally bring us all together to commit to work in unison to better ourselves, with Bernie of course! Happy 4th of July to you and yours -- GO BERNIE!


Truly informed readers who possess heightened analytical and critical reasoning skills, can readily connect the dots simply by considering the underlying machinations and schemes in light of historical patterns of the dubious war on drugs and also the seemingly futile war against terrorism.

Quo bono?


BURNED: Hillary Clinton Burned and Destroyed U. S. Government Records - YouTube


That must be why the Neoliberal PTB are so enamored with Hillary. What else can it possibly be? World Wars are highly profitable business opportunities.


How about this nation consider there are unforeseen consequences before we start unnecessary wars of profit that result in destabilization.