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Report Shows Nation's Richest—Including Trump—About to Enjoy $17 Billion Windfall Thanks to Huge Tax Loophole


Report Shows Nation's Richest—Including Trump—About to Enjoy $17 Billion Windfall Thanks to Huge Tax Loophole

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As America's largest Wall Street banks continue to count the billions they've already raked in thanks to the Trump-GOP tax law, a government report published Monday shows that America's millionaires—as well as many rich lawmakers and President Donald Trump himself—are getting ready to share a $17 billion windfall thanks to a


“You can have democracy or you can have wealth concentrated in a few hands, but you can’t have both”. Louis Brandeis

I would add: You can have democracy or you can have representative government, but you can’t have both.

Direct Democracy


I am so happy for them as I sit here and try to figure out how to pay the dentist.


And my “so-called” tax cut just disappeared times five with gas and heating oil prices as banks invest in futures. The casino banks are back thank you.


When you let the foxes into the chicken house they eat 'em all. What else would you expect?


The Republican Party needs to replace their elephant mascot for a huge PIG. The Trump government is of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. Why should the rest of us bear the burden of their compensating themselves and their rich individual and corporate benefactors?

The 2018 congressional election should move the Republicans out of the majority control role of both houses of congress. But what can I say about the lack of leadership of the Democratic Party right now? They need to go on the offensive and really make a statement about the Republicans But to make that statement with credibility the Democrats have got to show some real leadership for a change. Bernie and Elizabeth and a few others are all I am hearing.


As corrupt as Trump is, we have to admit it was probably one of the best business decisions that Trump ever made, was running for and becoming POTUS!


Certainly, citizens did not put representatives in office to carry out
such a program as these “tax” changes while the nation continues
on struggling without National Health Care System for all and our
infrastructure is crumbling after more than 50 years of neglect…

Only citizens rising up with nationwide lawsuits against government
representatives to hold them personally accountable for damage done
to the nation will cure this.

Nothing wrong with lawsuits against Supreme Court members, either.

There was never any intent for the nation to be run by 5 right wing members
of the Supreme Court where they put our government “ON SALE” in Citizens United.

We need legal challenges to our rigged election systems.

And to corporate control and corruption of our elections.

The barring of third parties and challenges to control of all media by Elites.

These BILLIONS in “tax cuts for the rich” mean austerity programs for the many -
our seniors, the sick and the impoverished, the homeless, children …
and cuts to social programs which will mean starvation, homelessness and death
for the disabled.


Yes, but the USofA. You too can be a billionaire if you work hard enough…

…it’s all good.


By-and-large, citizens did not put representatives in office.

They were carefully vetted by their rich and corporate owners and then (s)elected in the US of A Kapitalist Kabuki called “democratic elections.” The K Kapitalist Kabuki Theatre and its ensemble cast - The Duopoly Players - are resilient, if nothing else.

Even as they destroy human life and other life-forms in the biosphere we call Earth.


Well,there’s a fuckin surprise! We never expected that…

Scumbags took from the poor and middle-class and gave to the rich, corporations and banker wall street and the other parasites!(and war-machine)

The scum MoFo’s would be breaking rocks for the rest of their worthless lives IF there were any justice!


Tom –

Correct – I was trying to show the unlikeliness that citizens would
want such representatives in office – and that the programs they carry
out are contrary to the will of the people.

Obviously, I failed. :slight_smile:

Our nation is under corporate/fascist control in toto at this point.

CIA/corporate “news” began immediately after WWII.

Nixon also did a great deal to move the balance of media into right wing
hands – and that effort for the benefit of Elites continues on today.


I doubt that you failed; more likely, I misunderstood. Thanks for the clarification. That makes this an actual conversation.


Despite careful financial planning my current checking account balance is one dollar and thirty two cents. This scenario repeats monthly and I am left with the choice suggested by the ruling class in medieval times: Eat cake. Enjoy your caviar, you bloodsuckers…


In my view, it has been that way ever since 11/22/63 but it is now becoming more transparent to more and more people.


Given the amount of negative articles that keep appearing here, maybe it’s time to rename the site to Common Nightmares.


Hi Shan –

True –

But, Our Founders also did their best for their fellow Elites-Patriarchs in putting a long list
of “silver spoons” in their mouths –

Including saving and supporting the system of SLAVERY for them –

Quite a wealth of free labor – on top of their gifts to them of control over our “people’s”
government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources.

That was the first PRIVATIZATION and REDISTRIBUTION of the nation’s wealth and
natural resources.


Yes. Our rights of speech and of free association have been all but obliterated by the brutal hijacking of our electoral process. I certainly don’t have enough money to ransom it back, do you?


Repeal and replace with 92% Marginals again is going to be AWESOME…


Yes, Thanks.