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Report: Trump Continues to Profit Lavishly From Golf Club Memberships


Report: Trump Continues to Profit Lavishly From Golf Club Memberships

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the Trump White House faces numerous lawsuits over potential conflicts of interest stemming from the president's refusal to separate himself from his business empire, a new analysis shows that Trump continues to profit lavishly from memberships at his m


Whores gotta pay the pimp.


And now Trump gets to install his own man/woman overseeing ethics (if he can find one). If that happens it will only get worse.


Yet another further example why Trump should have no business being the President and should be impeached. If only who would replace him wasn’t so horrible as well…:weary:


Is his refusal to divest himself of his businesses grounds for impeachment? I’d think it would be but don’t know.

I wonder if Trump’s “governing style” will throw him outside the realm of the presidency, too. He is so detached from people, his party, and the world, that it is easy to oppose him, simply because he believes he’s King of the World and can rule by fiat and “alternative realities” (IOW, lies). His fate is likely to be that of the boy who cried wolf – most people won’t trust him anymore, even the majority of his party in the Houise and Senate. So, I can imagine the parties merging their lawmaking functions to get anything at all done, as it appears they’ll do on healthcare and sanctions against Russia. I can also imagine the House/Senate operating separately from the President to control him, and if he continues to believe he is above the law and lawful government checks and balances, they will have little contact with him, and may impeach him sooner or later.

He is a strange madman. His colossal flaw is his self-destructive narcissism.


His colossal flaw and our curse is his being born at all.


The question to me at this point is: who would join anything his name is on? What kind of pig would do it? If they did, might as well count them out also. For the ones spending money at his digs in Florida, perhaps a big fatal gator chomp is karmically in order. I can’t even imagine going near one of his “properties.” Some people have to on a daily basis. Looming evil in the tower…


Conflict in his vast empire and moral standards expected in presidential office is impossible. Trump does not seem to worry about using rental in Trump Towers to influence international patrons of American Government.