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Report: US Taxpayers Bear 'Hidden Cost' of Poverty Wages


Report: US Taxpayers Bear 'Hidden Cost' of Poverty Wages

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Stagnant wages and declining employer-provided benefits mean that low-wage workers in the United States are increasingly reliant on federal and state-run public assistance programs.

In fact, U.S. taxpayers pay roughly $153 billion each year to supplement employers who refuse to pay a livable wage, according to report published Monday by the University of California, Berkeley, Center for Labor.

U.S. taxpayers "bear a significant portion of the hidden costs of low-wage work in America," said report authors Ken Jacobs, Ian Perry, and Jenifer MacGillvary.


This situation is exactly what the elite corporate ruling ideologues and their servants in government want. At some point it will bankrupt the safety net and there will be a return to the 19th century poverty. And what remaining “middle class” survives will most likely continue to blame the poor for squeezing them as they will continue to be manipulated by the rich. Why? Because “America” is not a nation nor a society at all but one big company town where the only value is money where the Protestant work ethic is the totality of ethics. This will assure that the middle class will continue to envy the rich whom they seek to emulate.


Make you wonder who are the real job makers, the taxpayers?


Well yes. The life long conditioning has convinced far too many that the reason people struggling and in debt and barely able to keep heads above the water is because off all the “poor” taking the bread off the table and money out of other peoples pockets.

They are conditioned into believing that the nation responsible for some 80 million excess deaths due to Militarism and coups , that same United States of America is under some sort of threat from the poorest peoples living in the poorest nations on this Earth.


This is called “American exceptionalism”. A society modeled upon the concept of “social darwinism” where one’s “fitness” was determined by their income. This was also the era when children went to work before they even reached their teens. Where people often worked until they died six and even sometimes seven days a week twelve to sixteen hours a day in some cases. An age when the Supreme Court repealed state laws that limited the hours a baker could work. It being so held that this was interfering with a baker’s choice to work as many hours as wished.

This was also an era when labor organizers were sometimes shot and killed while law enforcement “looked the other way”. Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” goes into detail. This is of course a portion of American you don’t hear about in school. But for those with access to a public library, you too can learn the truth about our own national history.


Working for no living


I have been toying with an idea for a law. All dividends and profits paid to share holders, half should go to workers of the company. This way the company that cuts wages will still have to pay half of the profit and dividends to the workers.


Too many do NOT realize that poverty wages, allow people to seek and get welfare, food stamps, and other services, that they, the taxpayers pay for!! Instead of blaming the poor for working at low wage, the public, needs to realize that the great job creators, pay so poorly, people NEED help. But there is always money for the CEO’s huge income, of these places! The public is led to believe that if a mere quarter/25 cents was added to a wage, then the service or products price would have to be raised a lot!! How about a tad less profit or unearned money going to stockholders or owners or the CEO? The public is always scammed, for the benefit of the elite. The public also pays for ‘corporate welfare/subsidies’! Trickle down wealth, has been working just so well, since Reagan, income inequality, more in poverty….more hungry, less jobs, more wealth for the elite.


Don’t forget the MIC, their contractors, NSA, homeland security and the rest of the mercenary class.


Brilliant! IF profits of companies were tied to workers, that are doing the labor, to make the profits, before and also when shareholders got paid, how different things would be. BUT this is exactly, what the elite do not want! They want labor to stay in their place, and the profit to themselves. The mere fact that many low wage workers, must seek welfare, should be adequate reason, to change the pay, and allow less to stockholders, who do no work.


Thanks I’ve been doing thought experiments on it, I will keep thinking about it and try to produce a well thought out strategy to put out on the web.


That is why Wal-Mart hands out instructions to their workers on getting government aid and food stamps.


corporations are the real welfare queens and wall mart fast food places with below a livable wage are the real enemies we need change subsidies to force business to elevate wages. Fdr once had and we need again maximum wage ceo pay robs wealth and its time we comprehend capitalism is incompatible with sustainable for life of people on this our sole planet.