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Report Warns that Plastics Will Soon Outweigh Fish in World's Oceans

Report Warns that Plastics Will Soon Outweigh Fish in World's Oceans

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The weight of plastic waste clogging the world's oceans threatens to exceed all fish by 2050 if the world's seemingly insatiable appetite for the material continues at the current explosive rate, warned a new report presented on Tuesday.

In fact, according to the study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation along with the World Economic Forum, "plastics production has surged over the past 50 years, from 15 million tonnes in 1964 to 311 million tonnes in 2014, and is expected to double again over the next 20 years."

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Anyone who is good at ā€œscienceā€ knows that this article is absolute hogwash!

Plastic could not possibly outweigh all the fish in the oceansā€¦ becauseā€¦ DUH!.. plastic floats!

ā€œCheck and mateā€ you bunch of beatniks!

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Speaking of ā€œDuhā€¦ā€

The reportā€™s assessment of the relative weights of all fish versus all ocean plastic is valid, despite the fact that much plastic floats in water.

Or can i tell my doctor that iā€™ve lost all my weight, since i also float in salt water?


well, putting ā€˜scienceā€™ in scare quotes was probably a giveaway hereā€¦:slight_smile: someday this placewillhave a big enough readership to get some troll upgrades. until thenā€¦


ā€œTroll upgrades!ā€

People are so plastic!

Imagine if you will, sitting on a beach, a new beach further inland than had ever been where the beach had been before. Running your fingers through the multicolored grains of sand, a new kind of sand composed of tiny bits of plastic instead of bits made of sea shells which have all dissolved in the acidic seawater.

That multicolored beach looks out over the rising seas that are empty of fish and too toxic to swim in because of endless algae blooms and red tides, radiation and swarms of jellyfish, the survivor cockroaches of the oceans.

That beach with its plastic sand and toxic fumesā€¦ that beach exists not in the Twilight Zone but in the ANTHROPOCENE ZONE.

The person sitting on that beach is your grandchild.


Fish and ships and icebergs, and the ancient Greek philosopher Archimedes in his bathtub [snark - look it up] float. Are they weightless?

Good God is the level of basic science education of USAns appalling or what?

Oh, and thanks CD for getting the commenting back up!

edit: So this was parody? Unfortunately, for parody to work, it needs to be an exaggeration - or reveal the absurdities of the target of the parody - but the US right today has reached the point where parody is no longer possibleā€¦


Probably some stoned Trumpist polishing up their performance art.

Wow, dsharpokcā€¦ your stupidity AMAZES me!! Have you forgotten to not take into consideration the endless TONS of plastic that have been created in Asia over the last 35 years? Thatā€™s all Iā€™m going to say to you lowly, uneducated ilk. Quite frankly, Iā€™m not going to try and change your narrow mind at this point. You are on the wrong side of Humanity and have no idea what is happening. I guess your lack of education is paying off. Wake up and see whatā€™s happening around you! If you are a sociopath like most Republicansā€¦ you donā€™t fā€“in care. I weep for your children and grandchildren.

P.S. And if you were satiricalā€¦ well done. :stuck_out_tongue:

Non recycled or-recyclable plastic is very insidious becasue it never chemically breaks down, it only mechanically breaks down into smaller and smaller particles - it is the like the mineral quartz - except that when it reaches the sea, it stays suspended in the water column rather than settles out as the sediment that will form a future mountain range. And even the plastic that gets properly buried in a landfill (something not done at all in large parts of the world) its ultimate fate is still to be suspended in the sea. Those ā€œMount Trashmoresā€ and all their buried plastic (including the many tons of plastic used for their liners which - on the short term anyway reduce groundwater pollution) will all wash to the sea in a twinkling of an eye, geologically speakingā€¦

Ships float too.Theyā€™re made out of steel. During WW1, the US made ships out of concrete.You are irrelevant and a hippopotamus. Beatniks? Most of them are dead.

I think dsharpokc is just having fun.

Iā€™ve heard of a , for lack of a better term, a giant plastic ā€œice fieldā€ a few hundred miles off of the west coast. Apparently, because of circular currents, an enormous field of plastic, several hundred feet deep, has accumulated for years.

Seems to me a few garbage scows could be permanently stationed there to at least make a dent in this mess. Oh, and quit dumping your trash in the ocean.

Yeah and the really sad thing isā€¦ itā€™s considered ā€œgreenā€ to recycleā€¦ when ā€¦ in the long run, we are just adding to co2 productionā€¦ from all those trucks running around picking it up (yes along with our garbage)ā€¦ then, having to heat it up to reuse itā€¦ then it goes out again as a ā€œproduct or containerā€ā€¦ then, we do the same all over againā€¦ recycling doesnā€™t really do much to stop climate changeā€¦so, my thing isā€¦ just imagine if we really did not buy anything at all that was plasticā€¦ nothing in plastic containersā€¦ or wrappersā€¦ no plastic party decorationsā€¦ nothingā€¦ we used say ceramic containers which we could refill or glass or say the multiple plastic bottles/containers we already haveā€¦ and could take them back to the store to be refilledā€¦ butā€¦ hey our faster than fast culture couldnā€™t put up with that ā€¦ if you went to pick up groceriesā€¦ youā€™d have to make sure you had your containers with youā€¦ not just your grocery bagsā€¦ but really, THIS IS WHAT WE SHOULD BE DOINGā€¦ buying in bulkā€¦ and reusing containersā€¦ including shampoo, detergentā€¦ etcā€¦ and actually, I donā€™t even use shampoo anymoreā€¦ it really bad for your scalp and hairā€¦ there are many things now that are ā€œconditionersā€ to useā€¦ that clean your hair and more natural productsā€¦ especially if you have curly hairā€¦
we are all caught up in a culture that considers whether a person smell like some chemically composed prettiness rather than what a real human smells likeā€¦ we should not only go local for food, but some one in your community should be the one you makes homemade soaps and essential oilsā€¦ from lavender and other local materialsā€¦ and do it the old fashioned wayā€¦
If I could open a REAL BULK FOOD STOREā€¦ I WOULDā€¦ and I would NOT make it a corporate chainā€¦ because, eventually, someone would begin to chip away at the basic foundation of itā€¦ and it would get ā€œcommercialā€ā€¦ any"store" or business should not be in existence just to make moneyā€¦ it should be a service, to provide ā€œnecessities.ā€ā€¦ and each item should be evaluated as to whether it really is a necessityā€¦
just sayinā€™ā€¦


Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.
Polymers to polymers.

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ā€œWincoā€ has about 7 aisles with nothing but BULK FOOD. It is cheaper and at home there is far less trash from all those containers.

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We should ONLY be buying that wayā€¦ the corporate super market selling GMO garbage and other garbage should be bannedā€¦ course that wonā€™t happen till the global melt down occursā€¦ people do not understand how much food we are going to need and the amount of work it will take ā€¦ however, I thinkā€¦ it will be a much more satisfying way to liveā€¦ except ā€¦ though there are those who will not want to loose their powerā€¦ and those who will be angry about a multitude of other thingsā€¦like loosing NASCAR and professional sportsā€¦ so, instead of a nice back to the basics lifeā€¦ with communities/tribes working together for survivalā€¦ we will have to deal with violence, Iā€™m pretty sureā€¦ oh, then there are all those nuclear power plantsā€¦ those pesky thingsā€¦ they WILL POSE/DO POSE a serious fly in the survival ointmentā€¦

The arguments for a comparison between the weight of fish and plastic in future oceans has reached the same level of absurdity as the comparison between the weight of a witch and a duck presented in the Monty Pythonā€™s Search for the Holy Grail.

In that, consider the wisdom of the Pythons.

For a more balanced view of human dependence on plastic, go to the sage words regarding plastic of George Carlin.

Yepā€¦ tee hee